What I’m Doing Now

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What I’m Doing Now

These are the things I am working on now, in no particular order.

Pepperhead Studios:

  • Peter Mastroianni Collab
    • Material recorded in late 2016 and early 2017 has been reviewed and we have a playlist up on SoundCloud. We are reviewing additional material from those sessions in the hope that we have enough for a few more pieces. I am happy with the variety of the material, and so glad we decided to make this happen in our spare time. I’ve created some additional soundscapes as prompts for Peter to speak over (the reverse of the initial process).
  • Playing bass in some projects…
    • Ed Zuber Project – original rock, punk songs with guitarist/songwriter Ed Zuber and drummer Urie Kline. After a couple years of fleshing out the songs live, I think we’re ready to do some real recording.
    • Bluesmobile – blues supergroup featuring Mike Hickey (guitar/voc), John Sweeney (harmonica/guitar/voc), Kurt Smith (bass), Urie Kline (drums). We’ve only had one gig, but I think we’ll play again sometime… great energy.
    • Negodniki jazz ensemble for the occasional show.
  • Performing with Fricknadorable. Winding down our heavy 2017 performing season. One more private party, and a Christmas fundraiser gig, and then hibernation!
  • NOT MULTITASKING! – read about the research!!


  • IT Project Manager for:
    • Prepare Now – PCORI – multi-year grant-funded study (Kidney Transitions) for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
    • Acute Coronary Syndrome project to examine how patients are assigned and adhere to their discharge medications.
    • Various small genome projects where we provide testing results back to providers and patients.
    • Patient reported data (PRD) project for the Kidney Health Research Institute.
  • Continuing to man the Rebel Outpost of Design Thinking within our team. As always, this is an uphill battle made more complex by project timelines, organizational barriers and culture issues.
  • NOT multi-tasking – read the business case!!


  • Winding up the pepper harvest, dehydrating what we can’t use right away. Turned a lot of people on to our jams and jellies this year!
  • Reading: Current: Almost caught up on Songlines mags, but still backlogged on Tape Op magazines. Not much time to read these when we’re creating, recording, and performing music!
  • Continuing to examine my career trajectory closely through a Napoleon Hill lens.
  • Listening: John Zorn, Colin Stetson, Harmonia and Brian Eno, Anthony Joseph, Money Chicha
  • Sometimes watching Netflix, mostly in the winter. Highly recommended list for archival purposes:
  • NOT MULTITASKING!! More research!!

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