What I’m Doing Now

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What I’m Doing Now

These are the things I am working on now, in no particular order.

Pepperhead Studios:

  • Releasing out Spring Newsletter
  • Creating Piezo Soundscapes and Noise Improvs with home-made instruments. Check out the recent Craft Night with Greenwood Friends School.
  • Playing bass in some projects…
    • Ed Zuber Project – original rock, punk songs with guitarist/songwriter Ed Zuber and drummer Urie Kline.
    • Negodniki jazz ensemble – rehearsing for April performance at Greenwood Friends School benefit in Lewisburg.
    • Mike Hickey’s ad hoc blues band with Urie Kline (drums). Most recently performed at Greenwood Friends School’s Fall Festival. Gearing up for the GFS fundraising auction in April 2017.
  • Producing “Henry Davis” a new alt-rock concept album with songwriter and vocalist Barry J. Davis. The material is centered around the character Henry Davis, with historical references to the Molly Maguires. Written and conceived by Barry, the project features John Henry (guitar), Dave Eisenhower (drums), Terry Wright (fiddle), Kurt Smith (bass), with production and sonic treatments by Jeremy dePrisco. Recording is taking place throughout the Spring with a 2017 release expected.
  • Rehearsing with Fricknadorable for our Spring performance season. Audra has written another new song, so we’re also one step closer to having enough for an EP or full-length album.
  • NOT MULTITASKING! – read about the research!!


  • IT Project Manager for:
    • a PCORI-funded Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) study to assist patients and their care managers.
    • Acute Coronary Syndrome project to examine how patients are assigned and adhere to their discharge medications.
  • Getting up to speed on some genomics projects.
  • Learning more about how the worlds of IT and Research intersect.
  • Working on a proposal to bring more design thinking and usability testing to our projects.
  • NOT multi-tasking – read the business case!!


  • Throwing out or recycling old stuff that I don’t need. Lots of cleaning, making use of the many winter hours indoors to help pass the time.
  • Making some long overdue updates to jeremydeprisco.com – Fixed Lyrics pages, reworking slider, reworking services.
  • Reading:
    • Current: Reading: Hard Core Zen Strikes again by Brad Warner – and the Nicholson translation of Rumi’s Masnavi (complete with many bad OCR errors).
  • Relaunching MINDSPEAK.COM
  • Electronics experiments & gadgets:
    • Black Fly piezo/spring contraption copy/mod (picts/sound coming soon)
    • JFET preamp for piezo projects.
    • See more at my project pages.
  • Examining my career trajectory closely through a Napoleon Hill lens.
  • Listening: Art of War via Librivox
  • Sometimes watching Netflix, mostly in the winter:
  • NOT MULTITASKING!! More research!!

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