Bass Player

With Paul Loomis at Fog & Flame
With Paul Loomis at Fog & Flame

Since I often perform as a guitarist and singer, many people don’t know that I actually started as a bass player. Around the age of 12, I started with a (rather hideous) Telestar short scale electric, then eventually moved on to full scale and continued with some study on string bass with the Hazleton Philharmonic and Bloomsburg-University Community Orchestras.

After the requisite rock and metal bands in high school, I turned my focus to writing and playing guitar, but always maintained my interest in bass, and have continued to do projects and play on recordings, including some jazz and Hungarian music.

These days, I play in a wide variety of styles. With Negodniki, I perform blues, jazz and fusion. With projects like Fricknadorable and Paul Loomis I play folk, rock and Americana. I enjoy all these styles (and more) and even do a bit of electro stuff on the side.

While often in the limelight with my other projects, I enjoy bass because it puts me in a support role where I can confidently serve the music and let someone else take center stage. So if you are looking for a bass player, Give me a shout.

20+ years of experience,  Electric fretted, electric fretless, some upright bass. I consider myself a very focused and understated player, aiming to serve the song and work with the ensemble. Studio/rehearsal space available for the right project. Comfortable on stage or in studio.

Recent projects include Susquehanna Sunset (Feb-Dec 2016), Ed Zuber Project (ongoing), Michael Hickey’s debut album, Mellékes Quartet, among others.