Second Life

SL – Thaylon Singh Debut @ Club Moonlight Riviera

Two turn tables...

Thaylon Singh debuts in Second Life 10/19/07

Prior to the show, I bought a new guitar and some pet squirrels. I call this my Bono pose. Where the squirrels have no name….

Thaylon Singh performed his first offical SL concert at Club Moonlight Riviera. In the RL, the studio looked something like a cross between a Radio Shack and an ISP.

Thaylon featured a combination of both acoustic and electric material, mostly original, starting with some of his current studio experiments and a segue into “Ones and Zeroes”, a song from 1997’s Homegrown Music recording (re-recorded a few years later for Chaos Rise Up). The song may be 10 years old, but it seems even more appropriate now. Then Thaylon moved into some more introspective solo stuff in the blues and roots vein, covering songs from Jeremy dePrisco’s Catch the Squirrel. He closed with more experimental keyboard material.

Special thanks to Phorkyad, Megh, Serene, Circe and Steorling for inviting and encouraging me. Looking forward to more performances. Like any gig, we had some technical difficulty. The audio stream was a bit hard to get started (despite having tested it earlier) and then there were some volume issues. We kept on trucking thoug, and while Thaylon started about 15 minutes late, all seemed to have a good time.

Aerial shot of the club

With my tips I was able to buy some new hair, which exposed my outrageous Frankenstein forehead. UUGGGHH!!

Second Life

SL – Faust’s Study

Saturday, October 6th, 2007 – Impromptu Jam

Impromptu jam
The crowd was on fire... really.

My latest experiences have included:

  • walking around without pants
  • adjusting my appearance
  • visiting a poetry reading
  • performing at Faust’s Study
  • lurking in someone else’s vampire sex cave (I don’t have one of my own)
Second Life

SL – The Beginning

An early Thaylon

12/31/06 – How it all started…
Back in 2005 or 2006, Steve Schrum, a long time collaborator, came to me with the idea of participating in the virtual online realm of Second Life. I have to admit that I was utterly unimpressed at that time. I could not understand why anyone would want to spend hours typing away in virtual chat rooms while an avatar walked across the screen. The creative possibilities seemed interesting, but I couldn’t see how it fit into my practical outlook on technology, music and creativity.

Then, in Fall 2006, I needed a topic for a media influence paper at Bloomsburg University, so I decided it was a good chance to check out Second Life and see what it had to offer. Thus began a rather intense period of participant/observer research, performance and networking. Through that process I began to see just how well developed this realm had become, and that there were possibilities for my own musical talents. It was a particularly good outlet for material that I would not normally perform in a live context at my regular shows.