I Saw the Face of Jesus (In the Ice Cubes of My Drink)

“I Saw the Face of Jesus (In the Ice Cubes of My Drink)”

From the album Immaculate Misconceptions
Lyrics by Steve Schrum
Music by Jeremy dePrisco (ASCAP)

It happened on last Thursday,
At Al’s Neighborhood Café.
I was having a real bad week,
So I went there at midday.

I had a coupla whiskeys
And I stared into the glass.
My two eyes crossed and what I saw,
It knocked me on my-well!

It shocked and knocked me off my stool.
I did not know what to think.
I saw the face of Jesus
In the ice cubes of my drink.

I shouted to the barkeep,
“Halleluia! I see the Lord!”
He saun-tered over… to see what’s what-
Was a slow day and he was bored

But he saw it too when I pointed it out.
He shouted “Jesus Christ!”
He’d seen Him in black velvet,
But had never seen him iced.

Everyone else hurried up
And each one had a look,
And every man and woman saw it;
It could not be mistook.

Someone called the papers,
And someone called TV,
And shortly then a news team came
And we went live at three!

The news it spread like wildfire,
And folks like pilgrims came;
They came in major multitudes:
The well… the sick… the lame.

Out of nearby businesses
The suited people flocked,
Followed by the faithful
And even by some defrocked

Tons of people came to see
This heavenly apparition.
Some were moved to convert;
Others to superstition.

But suddenly things took a turn,
Something I didn’t expect-
The Pope called in to talk to me,
Though the call was……collect.

And at that moment, suddenly,
A crisis of belief
Went surging through the gathering crowd,
And turned the joy to grief

Maybe it was all the heat,
Regulars and day trippers,
The bouncers selling tickets,
The fiery hot nude strippers!

I looked once more into my glass;
My legs did teeter-totter.
There I saw, to my dismay,
The ice cubes turned to water!


The sight was gone by the time
The Bishop had finally arrived.
Sat at the bar and we discussed
The phenomenon, so short lived.

Out of Christian charity
he bought us each a beer.
I confessed I didn’t believe;
He forgave me with a tear.

We talked of faith and demon rum…
And how the poor do suffer.
And then in the beer foam I clearly saw
The face of St. Christopher”
Or maybe it was Elvis,
they do kinda look alike you know.

© 2001 Stephen Schrum and Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.