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will be at Forks Farm
this Saturday, June 9 starting at 10 AM.

Ed Zuber Project

Ed Zuber Project (EZP) continues to record a collection of pop-punk-rock material at Pepperhead Studios
Pictured here from our Maker Faire 2016 performance are Urie Kline (drums), Ed Zuber (guitar/vocs), Jeremy dePrisco (bass, vocs). Mike Hickey will also be making an appearance on some tracks. Checkout a preview of “Fantastic” on SoundCloud.

Mauricio Kagel’s Zwei Mann Orchester

Pictured is the middle segment of the Zwei Mann Orchester at Drexel University’s Pearlstein Gallery in Philadelphia. In May I attended a workshop and performance from the Sound Machines series coordinated by Bowerbird.


Pepperhead Studios now offers educational workshops and demonstrations for STEM programs.

When is Fricknadorable playing next?
Click on us to find out!
Caricature by Paula J Carter from the Rockland Lobster Festival.

Arduino and Electronics
Calling all geeks, programmers and inventors… Expanded offerings of my projects can be found here. If you know other folks in our area who are interested in this sort of thing, let me know!

Need music?
Pepperhead Studios – Recording.
Fricknadorable – Americana, 80s, Novelty
Jeremy dePrisco – Bass player, guitarist, writer.