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The Unusual Suspects

(photo by Scott Canouse)

On Saturday, The Unusual Suspects will perform a selection of jazz, blues and rock at Artsfest on Market St in Bloomsburg at 1pm. Featuring the songwriting and classic song arrangements of Michael Hickey, the group includes Safa Saracoglu on drums, and two (count ’em) two bass players (Jeremy dePrisco and Kurt Smith).


We will be at the Ferry Street Grower’s Market on
Saturday Sept 1st from 9-12.

My NEEMfest performances are confirmed for Sept 9 at 4pm (solo) and again at 5pm as part of the “Signal to Noise” collaboration with Mario enrique-Paoli and Karl Fury.

They’re Among Us

I recently completed music and effects for Stephen Schrum’s latest short film, They’re Among Us is live. Yes, “they” are aliens. Yes, the outer space kind. TAU is a serious and thought-provoking film that suggests answers as to what’s going on in the world today—and shows a young writer descending into obsession.

Colleague Urie Kline is running a Go Fund Me campaign for his Taiko School:


Pepperhead Studios now offers educational workshops and demonstrations for STEM programs.

G&L Tribute Guitar For Sale
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When is Fricknadorable playing next?
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Caricature by Paula J Carter from the Rockland Lobster Festival.

Arduino and Electronics
Calling all geeks, programmers and inventors… Expanded offerings of my projects can be found here. If you know other folks in our area who are interested in this sort of thing, let me know!

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