Men At Sea

Men At Sea (from the album Bloomsburg to Bangladesh)

Trying to get across
No matter what the cost
Hurricanes roar and the wind blows strong
The captain has died but the crew rolls on

They are the men at sea;
Into the future they bleed
They are the men at sea;
Into the moment they bleed

We are the men who set sail
In search of the riches of the whale
As the wind blows hard the timbers creek
There’s no room for fear, no room for the weak

Down in the hull playing cards
While the forces outside are playing God
The men make scrimshaw buffed and carved
Not knowing if they will live or if they will starve

Venomous waves like cracking whips,
over the rocks they hit
The sea floor is covered with their ships;
Filled with oil and ambergris

40 days out and the tryworks burned
the blacksmith’s fate was never learned
Titan in the fire, you can smell his breath; Titan in the fire, around
Titan in the fire, you can hear his death; Titan in the fire, abound

They are the men at sea;
We are the men who died at sea
We are the men at sea…

The women climb the widow’s walk
Marking the days with a line of chalk
Their sons are grown, leaving home
Taking on the only life they’ve known…

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2002 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.