Discogs and Ebay Listing Announcement

As a musician, I’ve collected a lot of music over the years. Carrying the collection around after a couple of recent moves has not been very enjoyable. I’m also much more dedicated to *creating* music these days. I still listen to other music besides my own, but it happens in a different context than it used to. My listening interests – in terms of genre – have also changed a great deal.

The majority of my collection was in storage for over a year and a half when we first moved to the Philly area in 2019. I didn’t miss it enough to keep it after we moved again this year. So starting in Aug 2020, I’ve been listing most CDs on Discogs. At the time of this post there are 455 CDs listed.

I have a few tapes and some vinyl that I will list later. Up to this point, this process has practically become a part-time job (with less pay and longer hours).

Genres include:

International (World) Music
Progressive Rock
Pop & Hipster Bands

I also have a few music related items on Ebay:

Coming in the future:

  • A modest collection of Jethro Tull tapes, CDs, special editions and convention items.
  • A small collection of Magic the Gathering cards. Probably nothing exciting, but need to get them out of here!
  • My *original* (1970s-1980s) Star Wars collection. My brother doesn’t want me to sell them, and may end up purchasing them first. Or they may just get passed down.
  • Small collection of D&D stuff. Sold my books and pewter figures years ago, but have a few other items.

So help me downsize by checking out the links above or below! It will help me offset the tremendous amount of sushi I’m ordering for my birthday!