She’s Done Enough

She’s Done Enough (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

She talks with the night, through every sound she speaks
Alone for so long until she came upon me
With rapid abandon, the affair unfurled
All the waiting was over and she was in my world

She’s done enough babe, she’s done enough… She’s done enough babe…

The apologizing is over and the pretending is through
The punishment is done, and the suppression too
There’s no more hidin’, no more sneakin’ out the door
No more juggling love from town to town
Hard bad habits, like crumbling bricks died
Now you have to let it go, but that won’t suffice – no, no.


You know she lost a friend, the best friend she had
There were so many nights, she cried alone so sad
I know it takes time to heal, time to forgive
But don’t go blamin’ her for the things I did
You can hold a grudge ’til the day you die
but at least you’re not alone… and unsatisfied


Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.