Wrench Gamelan

im_wrench1-754263“Chaos Factory”, one of the songs on Immaculate Misconceptions required a clanky type of rhythm track. The sound in my head was much more processed, but I thought I would start simple with whatever metallic stuff I could get my hands on. Some wrenches from my toolbox and a couple trips to Lowe’s later I had a working concept for a gamelan of sorts.

im_wrench4-779626Assorted Melody Bolts
Bass Wrenches: 7/8, 1”, 22, 15/16
Striking wrenches: 11/16 & 3/4

There were two funny things about this little project. The first was during one of my trips to Lowe’s. I was checking the tone of the bolts by dropping them on the cement floor. One of the associates walked by and said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but it doesn’t look like work!” I’m still not sure what that was supposed to mean.

The second funny part was during the recording process when I realized – despite all my attempts to the contrary – that this collection of metal objects actually sounded too pretty. A few attempts at pitch shifting the sounds resulted in some interesting textures, but nothing that would work in the context of the original song idea. So I left the processing out and just recorded a rhythm and solo track of the gamelan and left it at that. The result was much more perky and bright than what I envisioned, but there’s always room for a remix on a future collection.

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