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Pulling my hair outTechnology is great, when it works. When you use technology as much as I do, you start to notice things. You have high expectations, and not unreasonably so.

The promise of technology is that it should enhance our lives, save time, or money. Yet, having had so many bad experiences with computers, software, and poor design, I wonder just how much this is still true. Sooner or later you come to the realization that every moment you spend tweaking and configuring is one moment less doing something you truly love. So when does the madness stop? Probably never.

So, I thought it would be revealing to start documenting some issues here so others can perhaps benefit. Readers may benefit from solutions offered here, or they may become so discouraged about computers to just forget about using them. At the very least I hope to highlight just how ridiculous all of this stuff is.

Like Steve (a Mac user) says, “Why can’t things just work?”

In that spirit, I’m posting some of my PC and Mac experiences.


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