Media Kit

This page is for media outlets to get up to speed about my offerings. The page is broken up into sections for my acoustic and electronic personas. Select any/all that apply.

Jeremy dePrisco
Portraits by Ananda Connolly (2022)

Jeremy dePrisco – Solo Acoustic
Circa 1991 – 2010

Short Americana Bio

Promo Photos (circa 2006)

Downtown Train (Tom Waits cover)
Once in a While (original from Catch the Squirrel)

Shivasongster – Electro-acoustic
Circa 2010 – present

Short Electronic Bio

Hi-res Photos

Live at NEEMFest 2019
Live streaming performance

Circa 2010 – present
(currently on hiatus)

Fricknadorable Bio & EPK

Fricknadorable Photos

Performing at Forks Farm