Americana, Roots, Traditional, Novelty & Pop.

The Fricknadorable set list includes elements of folk, country and contemporary music. Fricknadorable also covers a number of 80s-90s songs and writes their own, often humorous, material.

Fricknadorable has special set lists for both family and over-21 audiences, and offers a set of Irish songs (perfect for St. Patrick’s Day @ pubs), and a Halloween set (perfect for private parties).

Bio (short)

Fricknadorable (yes, that’s how we spell it) is an Americana music duo featuring Audra dePrisco (uke, vocals) and Jeremy dePrisco (guitar, bass and vocals). This Americana duo was founded in Central PA, and now lives in Montgomery County.

The group has been active since 2010, performing at repeat engagements at coffee shops, restaurants, farm markets, festivals, wineries, political fundraisers, and private parties.

Fricknadorable has also supported other artists, like Paul Loomis, for album releases. Fricknadorable has a set of 200+ songs (11 hrs of music) and can perform for 2-3 hours for nearly any engagement. (see below for longer bio and backstory).


More video here


Pfft, You Were Gone (Buck Owens)
Tell Me Ma (Trad)
Dark as a Dungeon (Merle Travis)
Good Shepherd (Trad)
Melt with You (Modern English)
Be My Yoko Ono (Barenaked Ladies)
Alone & Forsaken (Hank Williams)
Fricknadorable Song (dePrisco)

Fricknadorable can also be found on Bandcamp


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Photo credit: Scott Canouse.

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Originally formed in Central PA, Fricknadorable is now based near Philadelphia.

Their stage name comes from the general response that the uke receives, and the reaction they got as a couple during their early performances. They don’t recall who it was, but one of their early audience members told us they were “fricknadorable” so the name just stuck.

Jeremy dePrisco – Guitar/Bass & Vocals

Jeremy performed and released solo albums from 1999-2010 before focusing on music production and collaborations with other artists, including the formation of Fricknadorable in 2010.

As a vocalist Jeremy covers artists such as Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and Jethro Tull.

“Performing in a duo, rather than solo, is much more fun. It’s definitely more versatile, and lighter in terms of the material and audience interaction.”

Jeremy dePrisco – Guitar/Bass & Vocals
Ask about our Halloween set!

Audra dePrisco – Uke/Vocals

Audra’s background includes musical and dramatic theatre. Back in 2010 Audra picked up a ukulele in a music store and learned a few chords on the spot, before long amassing an impressive selection of songs using her already well-trained voice.

Long-time friend Mickey Maguire – who at the time was publishing Ukulele Player Magazine – helped us select a uke to get Audra started, and it has been amazing to see just how quickly Audra has picked things up.

Complementary Tastes

The couple’s cumulative musical tastes cover a lot of ground. Jeremy’s folk/blues background merges with Audra’s love of quirky songs and ballads. Fricknadorable has a special Irish set for St. Patty’s Day (with some additional street cred with Audra being half Irish and the duo visiting Ireland in the 2000s). They also have a special, family friendly, Halloween set that has gotten them repeat bookings for private parties.

They both have a fondness for the 80s songs they grew up with, before music was too self-conscious and over-marketed. Fricknadorable covers the occasional hit from the 90s and the new millennium. Sharing the vocal work load opens up possibilities for performance.

From 2010 to 2019, Fricknadorable worked hard on their varied set of 200+ songs through house jams, open mics, farm markets, and festivals throughout Central PA.


In 2019, just before COVID hit, Fricknadorable relocated from Central PA to Philadelphia, and performed at Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire and popular open mics at War3house3, Bob and Barbara’s, and with new friends at Philly Musical Achievers. The group took time off during COVID and relocated outside of Philly.

Fricknadorable came back to performing throughout Summer 2022 has been delighting audiences in Montgomery County and surrounding areas ever since. The group’s entertaining alt-Americana, novelty, roots and 80s songs are great for any event. The duo has both family-friendly and “after 8pm” sets suitable for private parties.


Fricknadorable is available for booking by calling 570.441.0305 or by contacting us via this site. Rates depend on the length of the engagement, sound system availability, travel, meals, and other factors.

Stage Requirements

Fricknadorable has two sound systems of our own, but we can also work with venues that have a house system if it meets these requirements:

Option 1:

  • Two (2) SM-58 or similar microphones for vocals.
  • Two (2) DI connections for uke and acoustic guitar (both have pickups). DIs should be near front of stage.
  • DI for bass amp.
  • Stage plot image download.

Option 2:

  • Fricknadorable can also perform “bluegrass style” using mic technique to “work” a single condenser mic (Ear Trumpet or similar).

Option 3:

  • Fricknadorable can perform completely acoustic (uke, guitar and vocals, no bass) provided that the environment is suitable. For an acoustic performance to work, the room must be free of extraneous noise.

Venue List (partial)

Just a sampling of places Fricknadorable has played…

Arrowhead Lake Resort (Pocono Lake)
Lansdale Farmers’ Market
Basta Pasta (Skippack)
Swarthmore Farmers Market
Victory Brewing Company (Parkesburg)
Norview Farm Park (King of Prussia)
Norristown Public Library
High Point Sunday Market – Mt Airy
Skippack First Friday
The Heart and Soul Cafe
So Much to Give Cafe, Skippack Village
Growing Roots Farmers Market (Downingtown)
Love Park’s Christmas Village
Maple Acres Farm Market
Upper Merion Farm Market
Media Bean
Roxborough Pocket Park
Elmwood Park Zoo
Elmwood Park

Philly Maker Faire 2019
Forks Farm
Wonderview Farm
Front Street Station
Ferry Street Grower’s Market
Selinsgrove Farmer Market
Bloomsburg Children’s Museum (Mini Maker Faire)
Fog & Flame
Booth Theatre
Artfest Bloomsburg
Caldwell Consistory
Spyglass Ridge Winery
Brews N Bytes
Danville Heritage Day Block Party
Columbia County Democratic Headquarters
The Point Barn
The Warming House – Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority
Greater White Haven Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala
Powerhouse Eatery
Mountain Laurel Golf Club
Knoebels Amusement Resort (Demfest 2014)
King Street Coffee House
Donald L. Heiter Community Center
Art of Floating
Central PA Wine Fest
Old Forge Brewery, Danville
The Station (Edith’s Kitchen)
Cherry Alley Coffee House
Cafe Mooset
Bloomsburg Town Park
Renaissance Jamboree
Lightstreet Hotel
Avenue 209 Coffee House
Puirséil’s Irish Pub
Fine Arts Forum Muse & Music Series – Ten West Espresso Coffeeshop
Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Company
The Moose Exchange
Spoon Maine