Photo by Scott Canouse

Fricknadorable (yes, that is really how we spell it) is my Americana duo with Audra dePrisco. Originally formed in Central PA, we’re now based near Philadelphia.

Our stage name comes from the general response that the uke receives, and the reaction we got as a couple during our early performances. We don’t recall who it was, but one of our early audience members told us we were “fricknadorable” so the name just stuck.

Performing in a duo configuration is much more fun that my solo act of the early 90s. It’s definitely more versatile, and lighter.

Audra dePrisco – Uke/Vocals
Back in 2010 Audra picked up a ukulele in a music store and learned a few chords on the spot. Since then, she has amassed an impressive selection of songs using her already well-trained voice (her main artistic passion is theatre).

Long-time friend Mickey Maguire – who just also happens to be the publisher of Ukulele Player Magazine – helped us select a uke to get her started, and it has been amazing to see just how quickly Audra has picked things up.

Our cumulative musical tastes cover a lot of ground. My folk/blues background merges with Audra’s love of quirky songs and ballads. We have a complete set of traditional and Irish songs. We both have a fondness for the 80s songs we grew up listening to, before music was too self-conscious and over-marketed. We also cover the occasional hit from the 90s and the new millennium. Having someone else to sing with opens up possibilities for performance, supporting another artist as a guitarist helps with my own growth as a performer. I’ve even been able to work in some of my electro stuff here and there.

Fricknadorable worked hard on their varied set through house jams, open mics, and festivals throughout Central PA and is now offered to audiences in Philly and the surrounding areas, most recently performing at the Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire and attending open mics in the area, including at War3house 3, Bob and Barbara’s, and with our new friends at Philly Musical Achievers. Our entertaining alt-Americana, novelty, roots and 80s songs are great for any event. We have both family-friendly and adult sets suitable for private parties.

2022 Update – We’re hoping to get out to some new open mics this summer in the Norristown area. If you have suggestions of places (or people) we should check out, let us know!