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“55 and Sunny” by Michael Hickey

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the completion of “55 and Sunny”, an album by Mike Hickey. It’s an eclectic, up-beat collection of 16 songs–fifteen new compositions and a new arrangement of a traditional English folk tune. The tunes range from swinging blues to raucous Balkan dance music, from Afro-pop, Celtic, and Cuban-influenced instrumentals to

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Sparkfun APDS-9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor

The Sparkfun APDS-9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor is a fairly low-cost ($15) option for hands-free control of all kinds of things. I’ve had this sitting around for a while waiting to be integrated into a project, but I wanted to explore it on its own before making that leap. For the size, this is a

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Teensy 3.2 + Teensy Audio Board

As discussed in my ongoing series of sound board experiments (most recently with the Adafruit Sound FX Board), I have been on a quest for an easy to use platform for sound installations and experimental projects. The basic spec for this project was as follows: 44.1 Khz 16 bit stereo Allow up to three (maybe

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Adafruit FX Sound Board 16 MB

January 2018 This is a continuation of an earlier exploration of Adafruit’s FX Sound Board. Previously, I worked with the 2MB version, but soon found I needed more storage for the intended application. The 16 MB version is basically identical in functionality – just more storage. The attraction of this board is that it is

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Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing (WRL-13231)

January 2018 Next up in IoT exploration is the Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing – part WRL-13231. Note that this is not the Dev board – a separate device with different pinout and other changes. Navigating Sparkfun’s hookup guide was fairly easy, especially since I had already installed the ESP8266 libraries as part of another project. The example they walk

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NodeMCU Sensor

A lot has changed since my last connected sensor project in 2013, so I wanted to jump in again to see how the technology has come along. After playing with some Particle Photon stuff, I came across NodeMCU. has lots of  ideas for this board, so I sought to recreate what Achraf Oukheir did there. Achraf’s

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