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Video Projections

Drawing from 10+ years of experience attending ambient, space, and electro-experimental shows, I’ve developed a hardware and software toolset that lets me provide striking on-the-fly as well as scripted visuals.

The video projections that I offer fall into the following categories:

Pre-rendered videos

A great example of pre-rendered video is my work with California artist Breakfast. This collaboration resulted in a different video for each of his 10 tracks on the album YELLOWCAKE.

YELLOWCAKE YOUTUBE PLAYLIST – Music by Breakfast, Visuals by Jeremy dePrisco

Live improvised videos

A great representation of this format is my live interaction with the space music collective Proteus-3 who performed live at The Rotunda in Philadelphia as part of the Event Horizon concert series.

For this set, I used a combination of original pre-made abstract videos that were then layered on top of video synthesizer images and other inputs. I also provided title graphics for each segment of the show between sets.

The specific style can be modified to suit the act. In this case, I was given a blank slate, but had some experience with the players and knew what they would like. I got a lot of complements from this show.

Music by Proteus-3, live video improvisation by Jeremy dePrisco

Solo Work

My interest in video began with a need to provide projections for my own work, both for web presentation and live performance. Below are two of my earliest pieces. While these are a bit different from what I am currently doing, I am still proud of these.

Shampoo by Jeremy dePrisco
TRUTH by Jeremy dePrisco

The piece below is from a June 2022 experiment while building an automation tool for processing video – both prerecorded and live.

Automated Filter Demo by Jeremy dePrisco

You can also find examples of video experiments elsewhere and on my Instagram page.

To learn more about my video services, get in touch! We can talk about your needs, budget, workflow and collaboration. I particularly like working on projects that touch on social issues.


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.