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Electro Bio

Jeremy dePrisco (aka Shivasongster) is a Pennsylvania musician, composer, performer, and sound artist using improvisation, collaboration, and noise to examine and recontextualize the alienation inherent in media influence, socially constructed reality, conspiracy, and myth.

He works with field recordings, guitar, electronics, synthesizers, radios, found sounds, home-made gadgets, and processed video.

A fixture in the electro-music community for the past decade, Jeremy currently presents solo and collaborative sound explorations throughout the Tristate area.

Jeremy with Karl Kury at NEEMFest 2019 in Homer, NY (Photo by Bill Fox)

Jeremy dePrisco (aka Shivasongster) grew up listening to Echoes and Hearts of Space and the signals beaming from his father’s attic Ham Radio workbench. After being a closet sound experimentalist for 15+ years, Jeremy embraced his electro side and love of audio manipulation via the Shivasongster moniker in 2010. Since then, Jeremy has been attending electronic music events and collaborating with other electro artists.

For a time, his monthly radio program, Signals with Shivasongster, explored improvised and generative electronic music, and composed pieces that ranged from conventional guitar pieces to works written for alternative controllers, field recordings and found sounds. Shivasongster has allowed Jeremy to bring his “after midnight” studio experiments to the stage, such as an evening of “Far Out Space Music” with Explorophonic, a Central PA experimental music group and subsequent festivals.

In 2012 Jeremy began to explore the world of Percussa AudioCubes, an infrared controller that adds visual interest to otherwise static computer music. Jeremy has worked with NY artist Robert Dorschel in RoDoJede and videographer Michael O’Bannon. Much of Jeremy’s work draws on Soto Zen Buddhist dharma teachings, political speeches, NPR radio interviews and his own private collection of found sounds and hacked devices.

Jeremy has been quoted as saying, “Lowe’s is my favorite music store.” When he is not making strange noises that drive his wife and friends crazy, Jeremy enjoys reading Sufi poetry, watching Stephen Colbert, biking and growing hot peppers.

SEAMUS Conf Promo.png
Poster from SEAMUS 2021 Conference

Americana Bio

I enjoy learning about the music that inspired my favorite artists, and more often than not that leads back to the blues, or back to roots music. So I prefer to call myself a blues/roots musician – not a singer-songwriter.”

Jeremy dePrisco is a Pennsylvania producer and songwriter who has released several collections of original music in the folk-rock genre, drawing also from blues and progressive rock. Jeremy has created sound design for a number of university and local theatre productions, performed with a Hungarian folk group and with a Bengali tabla player.

Inspired by the folk tradition of artists like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, Jeremy’s approach to learning and performing acoustic music involves a reverence for the folk process and recognizes the place of music as part of a community. Jeremy counts as influences diverse artists such as Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, acoustic blues, progressive rock. His work is informed by heavy listening of broad musical styles such as Eastern European, East Indian and West African music.

In 2011 Jeremy and his wife Audra formed the duo Fricknadorable, which incorporates ukulele, percussion and features an expanded set list of Irish music, novelty songs and 80s hits. When Jeremy is not playing guitar, he enjoys reading Sufi poetry, making noises with electronics, biking and growing hot peppers.


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Other Services

Produce Crazy Sounds for You!

Need some crazy space noises for your sci-fi video? Or maybe a scary backdrop for your horror film? Want to get crazy and put some awesome and unique textured ambience into your multimedia project?

Through a combination of digital editing, analog synthesis, effects processing, found sounds and field recording, I produce music and sound design in a variety of genres. My studio has a unique selection of software and hardware devices, including some that I’ve built myself. So everything I do can be customized to make sure it is unique for YOUR project.

How it works:

Schedule a 30 min FREE Zoom consult so I can assess your needs.

From there, we develop a plan!

It’s that easy!


Propellerhead Reason Consulting

I’ve been using Propellerhead Reason since version 4.0, which was released in 2001. While other DAWS have come along since then, and I’ve expanded into Ableton and other platforms, I still use Reason almost daily. It’s my go-to for easy song creation and capturing creative ideas. In fact, I don’t think Reason gets the credit it deserves.

I’m offering my 20+ years of practical experience up for anyone who needs help. Maybe you are trying to sequence with hardware, or perform some tricky editing. Maybe you are looking for creative uses of the devices within reason. Whatever the case, I am sure I can help you and we can both have fun doing it.

Note: This gig is for educational services – not mixing Reason project files. In order to mix your project directly from the project file, I would need to have the same exact version of Reason that you use (or later), and I’d need to have all of the same third party devices and plugins. That’s a lot of variables. If you need mixing from stems (regardless of DAW), see my other services.

How it works:

Schedule a 30 min FREE consult.

Then I will come up with a proposal for how to tackle the work, or resources to seek out if it is not in my wheelhouse.


OBS Streaming Consult

Many folks seem to struggle with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Streamlabs OBS. That’s not surprising. Both programs are not very intuitive. They have many settings, especially for audio. OBS assumes that users have a certain amount of technical knowledge that they probably don’t have. It also takes patience!

If you’ve already gone through hours of tutorials and are still stuck, then I can help. If you have patience, but are stuck, then I can help.

I will break things down for you based on the gear you have available right now, and answer your questions specific to your needs. Every situation is different, but I will do my best to get you up and running and point you to additional resources that can help.

How it works:

Set up a 30 min FREE consult so I can assess the client need.

From there, we’ll come up with a plan to get you where you want to go.

Note: It helps tremendously if you know how to share your screen (to see your settings) and/or take screen shots.


Mix/Edit Your Podcast

Podcasting is a special category of audio storytelling that requires extra care. Bordering the art forms of theatre, spoken word, music and radio, podcasting requires someone on your team that can help you navigate the tech to get the best results.

How it works:

Schedule a 30 min FREE Zoom consult.

We will then plan for how to move forward, and I will share any necessary resources at my disposal that may help with the project.

Other Services Services

Demo Production

Some clients come to me with an outline or shell of a song. Maybe they have a chord progression and melody line, plus some lyrics. Whatever the case, I can help clients bring their idea to reality.

How it works:

Schedule a FREE 30 min consult to discuss your needs.

Then we’ll come up with a plan to achieve your goals.