In Search Of…

From 2013-2019 I was fortunate to have access to a property that enabled me to expand my creative pursuits in many significant ways.

After some career moves, a global pandemic, and a variety of other events, it’s time to look for such a space again.

The most important characteristic of the desired home will be location, location, location. It must be somewhere that we can set down roots for 10-15 years. Preferably somewhere in rural Pennsylvania, far from highways and train stations.

I have a lot of other requirements, but I’d rather not list those here right now. It’s better to give a glimpse of the history of this idea to help inform the future.

If you have leads on such a place, contact me.

Acoustic house jams

We would often host private and semi-private jams with musicians from the local community or musicians passing through the area. Some of these turned out to be long time friends or studio clients.

If you have leads on a place like this for sale, contact me.

House concerts

Mario-enrique Paoli performed at our electro-music house concert in 2016.

On-site studio

The community that develops around such a space can be amazing, and it offers a lot of creative cross-pollination.

First or second floor space required. No basements or attics.

I would need plenty of space for a control room area, 32 track digital recording setup, and live space with drums/amps. Even better if there’s a dedicated kitchen, bathroom, and workshop for this space.

Jeremy dePrisco playing bass
Image by Scott Canouse
Jeremy with Michael Hickey
Jeremy with Michael Hickey – Image by Scott Canouse
Michael Hickey and Saa Saracoglu
Michael Hickey (guitar) and Safa Saracoglu (percussion)
Tanner Bingaman

The last full album project that I recorded at my old space was Tanner Bingaman’s “We Were All Born Naked”.

Below are some highlights of various projects and fun times…

If you have leads on a place to make this happen, contact me.


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.