Enter the world of SCI-FI-LOPHONE, where music, noise and science come together to produce fun and unusual sound textures for all ages.


A: Part art installation, interactive science project, and part musical instrument! SCI-FI-LOPHONE combines many of my interests into one crazy contraption, including percussion, found sounds, MIDI and a maker ethic.

Q: Where can I experience SCI-FI-LOPHONE?

A: SCI-FI-LOPHONE premiered at the 2018 Bloomsburg Mini-Maker Faire. It is now available for STEM demonstrations, parties, and other events by appointment.

Below are pictures of the painting process for the rack and supplemental parts.

* The name SCI-FI-LOPHONE is an original moniker that came up from a discussion with friend Michael Kattner about some found-sound objects I was making a few years back. As such, SCI-FI-LOPHONE is unique to Pepperhead Studios and the configuration of elements is my own. SCI-FI-LOPHONE is powered by Automat by Dada Machines (a Kickstarter campaign from 2017). To this are added original noisemakers, off-the shelf percussion, MIDI controllers and delay/reverb effects. SCI-FI-LOPHONE is ever-evolving, so what you see here may change as the project evolves.