Electronic Events & Collabs

Historical listing of past events and collabs

Event Horizon (visual artist/live streamer)

NEEMFest – Homer, NY


What I Did In Quarantine” – The Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg PA
Nick’s International Virtual Garage (via Twitch)
Fuse Factory Frequency Fridays
SEAMUS 2021 – TWELVE – Curated by CCRMA at Stanford University, TWELVE was an interdisciplinary durational performance event featuring artists and musicians from around the world.
Nomadic Soundsters Summer Showcase – NS 2021 Residents located in various parts of the world (US, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Tasmania, etc.) were presented with the theme prompt “Fragile States”. The NS 2021 Summer Showcase is a premiere of five virtual collaborative works created by the residents.

Visionary Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Cosmic Streamfest (Twitch event) Host and Intermission artist

Nick’s Virtual Garage, Lawrenceville, NJ (via Twitch)

MountainSkies, Black Mountain NC
EEEMfest19, Rutherford, NJ
Live at Nick’s Garage (Summer Space Jams concert series) – Lawrenceville, NJ
NEEMFest 2019, Homer, NY
Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire
Electronica Music Fest 11 – National Electronics Museum, MD
Chez Mosc Internet Radio Show – Allentown, PA
Event Horizon, Philadelphia, PA

NEEMFest – Homer, NY
Electronica Music Fest 10 – National Electronics Museum, MD
Big EZ (Electrozone), Ithaca, NY

Pajama Factory Works Gallery
Northeast Electro-Music 2017 (NEEM) – Homer, NY

Asheville electro-music Festival, Black Mountain, NC
electro-music.com Festival, Huguenot, NY

Kutztown Planetarium
electro-music.com Festival, Huguenot, NY

electro-music.com Festival, Huguenot, NY

electro-music.com Festival, Huguenot, NY

Founded Central PA Electro/Synthesizer Meetup

Far Out Space Music concert with Explorophonic Artists
Members included Aaron Butler (turntables, samples, Kaoss pads), Ric DelNero (MIDI guitar), Bill Stetz (synth bass), Andy Seal (Moog), & Jeremy dePrisco (Reason/Ableton and AudioCubes and bells)

electro-music.com Festival, Huguenot, NY

Appeared on Doomsday and Brimstone Compilation – Sound For Good

electro-music.com Festival, Huguenot, NY

electro-music.com Festival, Huguenot, NY


RoDoJede – with Syracuse, NY artist Robert Dorschel
Binary Brainwave with PA artist Clone 334
ZIM Orchestra (various dates)
Electro-music Chamber Orchestra
Signal to Noise – supporting Mario-enrique Paoli and Karl Fury
NEEMFest 2019 collabs: Karl Fury, and as “Goodphone” with Dan Gray


Chaos Rise Up (2010) – Studio Recording

Sonic Conspiracy Theories 528 vs 741 – Multimedia collab with visuals by Michael O’Bannon, and improvised visuals provided by Steve Mokris.

Sunspot Cycle – with visuals by Michael O’Bannon (Kutztown University Computer Music Visualization Conference)

Shampoo – Ableton Live and Video

Truth – Ableton Live and Video

Tales From Imperial Towers: Live from Nick’s Garage – Lawrenceville, NJ Space Jam Concert Series (Live Recording)

Humming With The Gods (2020)

The Bernoulli Ensemble Vol. I (2020)