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Humming With The Gods (2020)

Humming With The Gods

Humming With The Gods is a 4-song Limited Edition EP born as a result of some different approaches I was taking to recording/writing in late 2017. I was working with some very evocative instruments, and suddenly found myself creating a lot of material in a particular universe of sound. Originally, I envisioned 10-12 songs in this universe, with a loose story line running through and lots of space references. Unconsciously, I was returning to the universe of “Children of Light” (from Chaos Rise Up in 2010) which always stood out for its electronic elements, and offered a positive outlook on the future.

Stylistically the music and lyrics have elements of what I was doing pre-2010, before joining the community. It’s also been informed by the experiences I’ve had performing and interacting with electronic musicians for the last 10 years.

This material has sustained me in unexpected ways during a very trying time in our lives. Friends and family know the gory details, and its not appropriate to rehash them here. Let’s just say – and I know this is cheesy – that looking to the stars and imagining other worlds really can help you deal with reality. Working on Humming With The Gods was perhaps the best expression of what I’ve been feeling over these last few years, and I think in some small way it expresses some important themes of our time (among them, moving forward after trauma, and on a larger scale, life in times of accelerating scientific discoveries amidst accelerated social concerns).

There’s yet more recorded material waiting in the wings, but before I can put that stuff out, I really felt that Humming With The Gods had to be finalized.


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.