Chaos Rise Up

Chaos Rise Up (2010)

Chaos Rise UpThe 2010 industrial hard folk/rock album featuring drummer Dave Eisenhower. Featuring all original material. Music inspired by many forms of media (movies, news, Internet) and expressing the struggles of technology and chaos in our world today. Includes an electric remix of “Chaos Factory” from Immaculate Misconceptions and a modern update for “Ones & Zeroes” (originally recorded for Homegrown Music in 1997). with an appearance by Michael Hickey. 20-page booklet and exclusive artwork only with CD edition.

For years, dePrisco performed music from (or inspired by) the civil rights revolution of the 60s-70s, but he remained relatively apolitical in his own recorded music. All that is about to change. After the folk-blues excursion of his previous album, Catch the Squirrel, it was time for something a bit different. Something meatier.

The latest album by dePrisco, Chaos Rise Up, was largely inspired by the Bush years and the ways in which media – particularly digital media – have impacted our lives. Part protest rock, part anthemic social commentary, Chaos Rise Up melds a dystopian view of technology with a critical reading of our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable for its use. The album draws from dePrisco’s rhetorical, leadership and social influence studies while attending Bloomsburg University as a non-traditional student.

Going to school part-time and working full-time in the software industry gave dePrisco unique inspiration. He reflects on the “culture wars” that have preoccupied us for the past decade as well as technology’s role. When pressed for a description of his music these days, dePrisco comments, “It may be a bit presumptuous, but the best way to describe my music right now is if Tom Waits and Beck got together with producer Dan Lanois. Since that combo is not likely to happen, I figure there is a niche for me.” When pressed for a two word description – necessary for the sound bites/bytes we all need – dePrisco says: “hard folk”.

Bucking the trend toward download-only music, Chaos Rise Up features lush artwork and a full booklet of stories/lyrics. Mike Hickey also contributes blues guitar on “Ones & Zeroes.”


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.