Catch the Squirrel

Catch the Squirrel (2007)

Catch the Squirrel is a collection of folk-blues material written and recorded in Bloomsburg, PA. Included in this selection of 12 songs are Jeremy’s rendition of the Tom Waits classic “Jockey Full of Bourbon” and an interpretation of the Leadbelly song, “Ox Drivin’ Blues”. Instrumentation includes acoustic and electric guitars, and a wide variety of drums and experimental percussion instruments (some of them home made). Song topics range from the Indian fakir Satyananda and life in prison, to hopeful escapes to the shore and the adventures one has during the long, dark winter.

“There are spectral images, memories, shadows all about… a collection of tunes that take you through the trials and tests of life, judgment, lessons learned, false perceptions, realizations, and finally points to a brighter future.” – Mickey Maguire

“Often, with a certain lyrical alchemy, Jeremy makes us consider some aspect of life in a brand new way. As always, he is simultaneously conversant with mundane and sublime worlds, with Jersey tolls, or living through a lonely and cold, cold night.” – Dr. Stephen Schrum

“One small step for Jeremy, one giant leap for squirrel kind.” – Town Park Squirrel

“If Cat Stevens, Beck and Ian Anderson had a love child, delivered by Tom Waits in a cold dark studio by candlelight.” Jeremy

One of WVIA FM’s top picks for 2007


By jjdeprisco

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