Cadillacs & Tarantulas Lyrics

Cadillacs & Tarantulas

Diatribe (From the album “Cadillacs & Tarantulas”)

Troopers moving in for a counter attack
while the counterculture pivots on a pizza snack
Sex is counterpoint for the placebo effect
and the Council passed a law to keep Trolls in check

They have trodden, they are triste, with a pitchfork they are pushed into the pit
They are Trojans in their horse
The double-talk and diatribe is getting worse, it’s plagiarized fact
You can count on that.

Buddhist monk go ahead and chant a chunk
Clench the life that binds to you, let me know your funk
Wisdom gray matter turns to grissly brown
Like tooth decay in this busy town

Preconceived and petrified, crushed destroyed and pushed aside
Fog sounds purple – eyes taste red
Phallic flames feel delight, down the twisted road we run on tonight.
You can count on that.

Christian man take a stand, your egg roll’s getting cold
now don’t you know He never ate like that.
Underneath and in between the creatures in your head, what do they mean?
It’s a sign of death.

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 1998 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

Jack Smack (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

Jack Smack…
Runnin’ the red light.
Ain’t gonna go no slow.
Buckle up real tight.
Push the pedal and go. (RPT 3X)

Ain’t no yield for this hunk of steel;
Ain’t no yield behind the wheel.
Ain’t no yield for his heart of steel;
Wind, roaring steam… he likes the feel.

Jack Smack…
Gonna go out tonight.
Won’t spend the night alone.
Better hold on real tight.
Won’t be waitin’ by the phone. (RPT 3X)

Ain’t no yield for this hunk of steel;
The pistons pull, the tires peel.
Ain’t no yield for his heart of steel;
Acceleration feels so real.


Jack Smack…
Watch the red and blue lights.
They’re creepin’ up real slow.
He’s gotta make good time.
Push the pedal and go.

Ain’t no yield for this hunk of steel;
His tank is full, won’t blow a seal.
Ain’t no yield for his heart of steel;
Grease grindin’ gears, and sex appeal.

Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement By:
© 1993 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

She’s Done Enough (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

She talks with the night, through every sound she speaks
Alone for so long until she came upon me
With rapid abandon, the affair unfurled
All the waiting was over and she was in my world

She’s done enough babe, she’s done enough… She’s done enough babe…

The apologizing is over and the pretending is through
The punishment is done, and the suppression too
There’s no more hidin’, no more sneakin’ out the door
No more juggling love from town to town
Hard bad habits, like crumbling bricks died
Now you have to let it go, but that won’t suffice – no, no.


You know she lost a friend, the best friend she had
There were so many nights, she cried alone so sad
I know it takes time to heal, time to forgive
But don’t go blamin’ her for the things I did
You can hold a grudge ’til the day you die
but at least you’re not alone… and unsatisfied


Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

8-track Underground (From the CD, “Cadillacs & Tarantulas”)

I’m gonna cry I’m gonna moan, I’m gonna find myself a home
I’m gonna wind down to the sound, Of a renovated 8-track underground

I’m gonna sing I’m gonna fly, I’m gonna reach up to the sky
Got an angel runnin’ ’round, My renovated 8-track underground

She likes to sing, she likes to dance
She’s got to boogie-woogie take a chance
She’s gonna wind down to the sound
Of my renovated 8-track underground

Forget your records and your CDs, Don’t need cassettes or MP3s
Got the best selection in town, At the renovated 8-track underground

We like the funk, we like the beat, We like to disco in the street
We’re gonna get down to the sound, Of the renovated 8-track underground

Platform shoes ain’t too high
And bell bottoms ain’t no jive
Silk shirts unbuttoned right down to the caboose
Jingle-jangle chains, but don’t call me loose

When you’re alone in a public place, Wounded by the music they blast in your face
Gotta get yourself on downtown, To the renovated 8-track underground

CHORUS (+ repeat last line)

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

Put That Face On (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

Work with me baby, you’ve got nothin’ to lose.
Put on your best dress honey and your high heel shoes
You’re not like the others, you’re the best I’ve seen yet.
You’ll get the highest price in town, it will be no sweat

Put that face on… Turn a trick, make it stick
Turn those guys on… Rack ’em up, shack ’em up.
Put that face on… Check ’em out, suck ’em dry
Turn those guys on… while you slip right past their fly.

You know at seventeen, I can make you a star.
Get you money, clothes & jewels and a nice new car
Give me control so you can’t crimp.
Ya know that’s my job as your record company pimp
Let’s sell some records while we set our morals aside.
The public don’t mind, they’re along for the ride.

Paint those jeans on… the way they like, nice and tight
Turn those boys on while they’re young – nice and ripe.

Better keep your head up, this ain’t no small town.
Cause if you don’t deliver the skin, I’ll kick you around
You’re just another piece of meat for the corporate chew.
And when we wear you out we’ll find someone new

Your magazine role model innocence slips away. Gone tomorrow but worth a million today.
Sing a new song, and look pretty while you do your dance
You got the whole world waitin’ for you to
take-off your-pants

Put that face on… paint it up, fake it out
Put that skirt on… nice and high, that’s what it’s all about
Strut those legs long…. Make ’em sigh for your thigh
Turn those guys on… make ’em drool, suck ’em dry

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

Dream Girl (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

My dream girl just left, and she wasn’t even here.
I want to get drunk, but I don’t like beer.

She’s a pussycat by day, and a vampire at night.
Instilling lust in some, in others she conjures fright.

Thunder and lightning… Cinnamon and sugar teddy bears,
Thunder and lightning… A quiet tamed dragon.
Thunder and lightning… These 4 walls are haunting me
Thunder and lightning… It’s grown dark, I cannot see

She had motorcycle breath. She’d wrap around you like DNA
She was innocent at one time, now her picture’s on the page

Her secrets remain inside… between reality and dream
It should come as no surprise… she won’t reveal her identity

Our personalities are undressed, there’s shadow puppets on the floor
Maybe I should rest, but I keep coming back for more


There’s a knock at the door, as I finish my last peek
But I’ll be back for more, to crack the password and see


Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

Arjuna Blues (From the CD, “Cadillacs & Tarantulas”)

Go into the fight, forget what everyone says
Go into the fight, forget what everybody else says
Oh Arjuna Arjuna – don’t be afraid of your goddamn friends

You know I’d never lead you wrong – you know I’d never lead you wrong.
You know I’d never lead you wrong (now now) Ya know,
Ya know I’d never lead you wrong (no, no)

Never lead you wrong – no no – I will always lead you right

I’m on your chariot – I’m your driver
Gotta go, gotta go, watch it now, watch it now, watch it now…
Arjuna – tell me what now do you fear?
Even in your darkest day, you know that I’m right here.

Grieve not for those who live and not for those who die
This outer shell is naked – what’s sacred is inside
For death shall pass away as will life

All the mystics tell me the way things gonna be
All the mystics tell me what you can not see…
They tell me what you can not see
Oh Arjuna Arjuna you gotta believe in me
Gotta believe, Gotta believe, Gotta believe in me…


Oh Arjuna Arjuna, go go into the fight
Oh Arjuna Arjuna and you’ll walk the path of light
You know it looks messy now, but pretty soon it will be alright.

Ya know I make the yogis dance
Ya know I make the yogis sing
Ya know I make the yogis chant
“Hare, Hare, Hare, Hare…”

Oh Arjuna Arjuna you gotta believe in me
Gotta believe, Gotta believe, Gotta believe in me…

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

Spider (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

He fell a sleep once, he dreamt of a spider.
Picked up a tuffet; Sat down beside her
Noone else knows… When he awoke, he was surrounded by a web with no hope

I build my web, around your house.
In the corners, on the floors… behind your couch

Arachnophobia, that’s what he suffered from.
Couldn’t stand the spiders crawling into his bed
Black widows… Tarantulas… We ain’t no daddy long legs…


Kill a spider and bad luck yours will be, until of flies you’ve swatted 53
If you wish to live, and you wish to thrive, let the spiders run, let them run alive.
Don’t kill a spider to save your life, some say the spider is the devil’s wife
These are the tales, I live to tell, straight from arachnophobic hell.

Don’t believe… the propaganda. Don’t believe… Charlotte’s web
Nasty venom – eight legs hairy, a multitude of eyes so I might see

I build my web, in your house, behind the doors, on the floors, behind your couch

We lay our eggs in cellar walls, leaving gossamer waste everywhere we crawl

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

The Gravedigger (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

His name is Jacob… Jacob Corby
From Albertine West Virginia, apartment 2 – 0 – 3.
He’s a gravedigger… doesn’t make that much
He’s got no education, and he’s mostly out of touch

In his pocket is a picture of his wife
Taken two weeks before cancer took her life
Now she’s gone, yeah… her spirit is a satellite.
She’s wandering around, the universe tonight.

Brother Daniel… well, he gave his life to Christ
Then he moved to Maine to start a new life
Jacob wanders, a sense of doubt always in his mind
He used to talk to God, but Jacob never heard a reply

CHORUS He’s lost the way… yeah, he’s lost the way…

Father Corby, was a man who drank too much
That dreadful disease was passed down to his son
Jacob wonders… wonders why he’s even alive
With everything shot to hell… how can anyone survive?

Daniel never visits, and Jacob doesn’t like to fly
Won’t set foot near an airport, but Jacob still likes to get high
It’s a shame, yeah it’s such a shame but that’s the way things go.
Families come undone, and humanity unfolds.

CHORUS They’ve lost the way… yeah, they’ve lost the way…

Jacob was bitter, he was tired of his life
With more thorns than roses, he turned to suicide
He died in piece, no one ever heard the gun
The Devil’s tug of war was over, and it looks like the Devil won.

Jacob always said, “You gotta do what you gotta do…
Before someone comes along and pushes the dirt over you.”
It seems wrong, yeah it seems wrong and it seems too soon (E sus4)
But it’s certain once Death puts his black eyes on you.


Now he’s gone, did God overlook this man, how could anyone make it right?
Now he’s gone, yeah his spirit is a satellite, wandering around the universe tonight.

Sunday – rain pouring down on the graves
And the foreman pulls the backhoe up again
To the plot where some pour soul will lay
The gravedigger… won’t be diggin’ no more graves.

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By: © 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

I’m Goin’ Down (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

I’m goin’ down with the sinkin’ ships
I’m goin’ down with the ruby lips
I’m goin’ down where the ship is sunk
I’m goin’ down with the punks

I’m goin’ down in the morning rain
I’m goin’ down it won’t be the same
I’m goin’ down with the sinkin’ ships
I’m goin’ down with the swaying hips

On the railroad tracks
Under the covered bridge
Down by the river road

Down by the railroad tracks
Down by the covered bridge
Down by the fairground… fence

I’m goin’ down with my friends
I’m goin’ down to the end
I’m goin’ down where the ship is sunk
I’m goin’ down and I’m doin’ it drunk

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP

Volume Contest (from the album Cadillacs & Tarantulas)

Give me that subwoofer bass boost
gonna shake your shoes loose

Got somethin’ to prove when I’m at the drive thru
Put the rap music in – jack the volume to the moon
The front seat of my van becomes a dance floor
You got two speakers – I got 24

My neighbors they never sleep
But I crank it higher ’til I tear up the street
Hear the speakers crack – blew them out years ago
Ice-T, Ace of Bass, Public Enemy, LFO

Mixing and scratching, mixing and scratchin
I like my rap music loud to attract attention
Jumpin and pumpin, jumpin and pumpin
Push the funk full throttle to the next dimension

In the parking lot I pull up next to you
I got my windows down blastin 2 Live Crew
Bass keeps pumpin like an awesome earthquake
Just enough to make the fillings in your teeth begin to shake

At the gas station there’s gonna be an explosion
From the grooves and the moves of my approachin
So sit yourselves down and settle in your seats
I’m gonna cruise real smooth and blast your ass to the beat

The next dimension (rpt)
Jumpin’, jumpin’ jumpin, jumpin’

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 2001 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP