Second Life

SL – Two Faces

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 – A rare chance to see us all together during a writing retreat for Steve’s upcoming (RL) play, Dog Assassin.

RL vs SL
Second Life

SL – Thaylon on Hiatus

It's hard to be virtual.

August 2009 – Thaylon is taking a break for a while. He needs to make more time for his First Life.

Second Life

SL – Sonic Poetry Experimentation

Screen shot from Phorkyad's side, showing some of the tech

July 12, 2009 – Thaylon Singh and Phorkyad Acropolis team up to collaborate on a new performance; connected via Skype and streaming into SL they experiment with words and improv music. Phorkyad used poetic material from a poem cycle. Thaylon employed his bank of acoustic instruments and electronic gadgets. Some pre-planning on each of their parts, but no pre-discussion. Whatever happened, happened!

Second Life

SL – World Music Explorer

World Music Explorer with Thaylon Singh playlist 9/18/08
Name    Artist    Album
1    BBC RINGTONE 55sec
2    Partisan’s Bella Ciao    Modena City Ramblers    Bella Ciao [Italian Combat Folk For The Masses]
3    Taranta Power    Eugenio Benato    Taranta Power
4    Tu Vuò Fa L´americano    Renato Carosone    Bar Napoli
5    Juke Box    Fred Buscaglione    Italian Cafe
6    That’s Amore    Dean Martin    “Eh, Paisano! 100% Italian-American Classics”
7    “Eh, Cumpari”    Julius La Rosa    “Eh, Paisano! 100% Italian-American Classics”
8    Ballate A Ballu Tundu    Tenores Di Bitti    The Rough Guide To The Music Of Italy
9    Gloria    U. Tozzi/G. Bigazzi/T. Veitch    All The Best from Italy
10    Just A Gigolo & I Ain’t Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares About Me)    Louis Prima    “Eh, Paisano! 100% Italian-American Classics”
11    Tarantella Murgiana    Arakne Mediterranea    The Legend Of The Italian Tarantella
12    Laura Non C’e    A. De Sanctis    All The Best from Italy
13    Il Centro Del Mondo    Ligabue    Secondo Tempo
14    Fango    Jovanotti    Safari
15    Track 01    Coro di Aggius Galletto di Gallura    Lu Palti no M’appena
16    Tribu Puglia    Eugenio Benato    Taranta Power
17    “Dalai Lama, Stop Lying”    Western Shugden Society

Thank you for listening!

Second Life

SL – Orphan Train

Saturday, September 13th, 2008 – Multi-user collaboration.

Thaylon all dressed up
Orphan Train Cast

Second Life Writings

Looking Back: One Year in Second Life

Thaylon Singh

Friday, August 29th, 2008 – My experience in Second Life (SL) has yielded a number of observations about audiences, venues, performers and music in general. As both a presenter and a performer in real life, I think that these insights may be worth while for those looking to explore SL.

The first thing that a listener in SL notices is the quality of the musical performances, both in terms of musicianship and technical quality of the audio stream. There’s quite a variance. Performers have a wide range of methods to enhance their sound in ways that may not work in an RL setting. So far I have seen people use audio backing tracks, and even MIDI backing tracks – the latter being hideous. There are even a few folks who just DJ their own tunes from CDs or MP3s. As for the material, the majority of performers seem to still rely on cover songs, but originals are still heard (though in my opinion not enough).

My own SL experience as a performer has gone like this: started DJing tracks to expose people to my music, scheduled some shows with combination live and pre-recorded tracks for things that did not lend themselves to live performance (electronica or pieces with lots of parts). In any case, I always noted which pieces were which. My sets have included a combination of covers and originals. I eventually did away with all prerecorded tracks, except for preshow music, and now prefer to do everything live.

Covers or Originals – This is the perennial question, even in RL. Much depends on whether you want to be known as an interpreter of other people’s music, or if you want to be known as a writer. I’m a bit of both in RL, but in SL my goal was to develop a new persona that wasn’t necessarily tied to what I was doing in RL. I was hoping to dust off some of my more experimental material as the basis for a new sound that perhaps would only be available in SL. I wanted to explore the bizarre stuff that doesn’t usually make it on record or into my live performances. This was, after all, my “second” life, right?

That did not go as planned.

Second Life

SL – World Music Explorer

World Music Explorer with Thaylon Singh playlist 8/21/08
Name    Artist    Album
1    Amassakoul ‘n’ténéré    Tinariwen    Amassakoul
2    When the Levee Breaks    Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha    Re-covers
3    Narigón    Daniel Melingo    Santa Milonga
4    Touba    Issa Babayogo    Toussoumakan
5    Wene U N´ga Yale    Orchestra Marrabenta Star    Marrabenta Piquenique
6    Believe    Ozomatli    Street Signs
7    Samara    Salamat    “Rough Guide To Africa, Europe & Middle East”
8    One Word    Kudsi Erguner    Islam Blues
9    Salt    3 Canal    Carribean Party Rhythms 5
10    The Bodies And The Knives    Eleftheria Arvanitaki    The Bodies And The Knives
11    Chinito Chinito    Ry Cooder    Chávez Ravine
12    Wrong Foot Forward    Flook    Haven
13    I would never wanna be young again    Gogol Bordello    Gypsy Punks
14    I Put A Spell On You    Natacha Atlas    The Best Of Natacha Atlas
15    Riena (Anathema)    Värttinä    Miero
16    Rock El Casbah    Rachid Taha    Tékitoi

Thank you for listening!

Second Life

SL – Muse of Fire Gig

Thaylon at Muse of Fire

7/30/08 – Thaylon pictured here re-hearsing for his debut at Muse of Fire, a venue operated by Phorkyad Acropolis.

Immaculate Misconceptions Project Second Life

SL – Immaculate Misconceptions!

Sister Mary Thaylon

Friday, July 18th, 2008 – Performing Immaculate Misconceptions (IM) in Second Life (SL) has added a few additional tasks to our stagecraft that we don’t typically have in RL. For example, my script is riddled with notes to “start guitar animation here” and “teleport backstage”. In RL we had a sound person handling the pre-recorded sound cues, but in SL I trigger those via an iPod. But just like in RL, I still had to turn into a nun, though it was a bit easier this time with a simple drag and drop. The hardest part has been getting everything in the right order, with the right timing, juggling the iPod, keyboard, mouse, instrument and script all at once.

Thankfully, Steve cut the script into three acts instead of two, giving us much more prep time before each segment. All of that will change Sunday when we do all three acts in one night!

Reviewing the script again after two years, it struck me that there were several songs that could have been written or recorded for the CD, but were left out for other reasons. Don McLean’s “American Pie” – a highlight of the third act – was not recorded for the CD because I didn’t feel like dealing with the administrative hassles of recording a cover song. I also didn’t want to become trapped into doing the song as a request at live shows. People were likely to assume (wrongly) that I liked the song and would play it on cue. Since then, the hassle of dealing with covers has been reduced with online tools, so perhaps one day I will release it on IM v 2.0, after v 1.0 goes out of print. But I draw the line there.

We used the same pre-show music that I wrote for the RL shows, but after our first week of performances, I decided they were weak compared to my more recent writing. So for the second week, we are using some pieces that came out of my sideshow writing sessions for our friend Mike. They are short pieces that might not otherwise see the light of day. So in that respect, SL is a bonus for me because it provides an outlet for all sorts of styles and formats.

Another factor this time around is climate, as the summer heat has made it a challenge for all of us to stay comfortable for the show (we have a quiet third collaborator, Megh Woodward who runs some of the SL gadgetry from CA). The noise of my air conditioner is enough to drive me mad without amplification, so hearing it through my sound system with headphones on is not suitable. Instead I’ve been running it for several hours before hand, then shutting it down and using the residual chill for the length of the show. On most days this worked fine, but on one day I forgot to turn it on early and I roasted.

Performing with headphones is almost like a recording session, but not quite. You have to listen more carefully for cues visual and otherwise and it is easy to get distracted by an instant message or group announcement popping up on the screen.

At one point some residual curry from dinner got in my eye, threatening to blind me in the middle of one of the acts, but I pulled through. Yes, this is a strange (virtual) world.

Visit MUSOFYR for more about the experience.

Second Life

SL – Greek Theatre

4/18/08 – Greek Theatre, Cookie (58, 28, 32) – It was pretty quiet until the dancing girls showed up.

Can anyone hear me back there?
Strike a pose.
At the Greek Theatre
Hangin' with Phork