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Dolunay (“Full moon”) performed at Bloomsburg University, and later that night had an after-party at Milk Parlour Ballroom. Dolunay plays Rumeli urban folk music of the Turkish people across the Balkans that will leave your ears bursting with beautiful melodies. This group features amazing musicians from the NYC Balkan music scene who will transport you up and over the moon with their thoughtful interpretation of this lovely music.

Jenny Luna – vocals, percussion
Adam Good – ud
Eylem Basaldi – violin
Rami ElAasser – percussion

Here’s my photo album from the night.


World Music

Ustad Kadar Khan (Bloomsburg, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble)

Ustad Kadar Khan

8/9/08 – Ustad Kadar Khan and company at 2008’s Jalsa
celebration at Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. Photo by Jeremy dePrisco (from
the mixing board)
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Bloomsburg to Bangladesh – Bio

Bloomsburg to Bangladesh/Moonlight Masala
Hindustani, Bangladeshi and East/West Fusion
Bloomsburg to Bangladesh – two-person East/West fusion project that features tabla player Bulu Rahman and singer/guitarist Jeremy dePrisco. Highlights: Blues, Roots, original ballads, character songs and covers.Moonlight Masala – trio that features tabla player Bulu Rahman, singer/guitarist Jeremy dePrisco and multi-instrumentalist Tom Dennehy. Highlights humor, instrumentals. This project is a fusion of East and West, featuring khyal singing, raag and taal explorations, tarana and folk songs.

Jeremy dePrisco:
Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Voice & Flute (Western and Bansuri)
Bloomsburg area composer and performer Jeremy dePrisco has released three albums of Rock and Folk-Blues material, and has been performing for 10 years. While maintaining a large repertoire of American Folk and Blues, Jeremy’s musical philosophy derives from such writers as Hazrat Inayat Khan and the music of India and Asia.

Bulu Rahman, from Bangladesh, has been playing tabla for 20 years and has recorded with his brother, Atique Babu. Bulu has a degree in Botany (from Dhaka University), and recently completed his Master’s in Business at Bloomsburg University.

Ahm Mostafizur (Bulu) Rahman:
Tablas, Harmonium, Voice

Tom Dennehy: Voice, Tamboura, Guitar, Harmonium, Saxophone & Uke

Danville multi-instrumentalist Tom Dennehy is a world traveler (India, Morocco, Japan, Spain) and has recorded three albums of original comedic and avant-garde songwriting. Tom has been performing for 10 years, and often works theatrics into his shows. (Tom is traveling in California right now.)

We are available for hire for specialty restaurants, festivals, coffee shops and private parties. Our rates are reasonable and based on length of performance, size of event and location. Audition us onlineContact us today for more information.

World Music

Kabile Traditional Wedding Band

Susquehanna International Folk Dancers present Kabile Traditional Wedding Band
Come and join us for an afternoon of traditional Bulgarian music and dance. Make new friends and enjoy wonderful home-made delicacies.

Go to for photos of last year’s party under the willow trees in the garden by the pond.   If it’s hot , we’ll be in the air conditioned Milk Parlour Ball Room across the way until it cools off.    RSVP by email or call 570-784-9339    Also forward to your dance friends, if you can.

EVENT FLYER HERE: kabile-updated

World Music

Kabile Bitov (Bloomsburg’s Milk Parlour Ballroom)

Kabile Bitov

9/3/08 – Kabile Bitov

Traditional Bulgarian wedding band, performing at Bloomsburg’s Milk
Parlour Ballroom. (Photo by Jeremy dePrisco)

World Music

Espiritu Andino

Espiritu Andino

Another Andean pan pipe group similar to Agua Clara. This was at the
Bloomsburg Fair in 2008. (Photo by Jeremy dePrisco)

World Music

New Orleans 2000

7/24/00 Nachez River Band, New Orleans - Photo by Jeremy dePrisco
7/30/00 - Band of students playing music on the street in New Orleans, jump in a truck and continue playing. - Photo by Jeremy dePrisco
7/30/00 (unidentified guitarist) Photo by Jeremy dePrisco
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George Maamari from Allentown

2/19/09 -George Maamari from Allentown

Arabic Coffee Hour at Bloomsburg University. An informal presentation by
father and son against keyboard drumbeats and samples.

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Taranta Power (Positano, Italy 2008)

Taranta Power

On the beach in Positano, Italy 2008.

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9/23/06 – Roma musicians, KAL, from Serbia played an
energetic session at the Milk Parlour Ballroom. The group’s name, KAL means
“Black” in the Gypsy (or more properly Rom) language. The group performs
high-energy dance music for all generations drawing from a number of Eastern
European traditions, Balkan blues and modern rock. The lighting in the barn
is conducive to forgetting about the outside world and transporting you to
another place and time, but not so much for my digital camera. Use your
imagination. (Photo by Jeremy dePrisco)