Client Reviews

“Great communicator, very kind, professional who understands the value in each cut/scene. Great sense of music/sfx and cuts to each edit. Worked with him on many projects. Always willing to go above and beyond what’s asked/needed.” – Kabir Singh, Voice Actor, Poet, Spoken Word Artist

“I’ve worked with Jeremy for years, in his capacity as a recording engineer and as a musician. As an engineer, Jeremy brings into the studio not only prodigious technical knowledge and skill, but also a musician’s appreciation for the problems and nuances of performance, as well as considerable patience! As a performer, Jeremy has broad as well as eclectic musical interests and extraordinary discipline. He’s a smart person who is always open to new ideas, and on top of all of that, he is easy to work with.” – Mike Hickey, guitarist and songwriter

“Jeremy is … an amazing polymath. I don’t have another word, really, to describe this multi-talented man.

Jeremy has the ability to quickly assess knotty problems and unravel them before you get a second cup of coffee. He does this effortlessly. He just has one of those types of brains that can cut through the secondary and tertiary layers to get to the primary problem and offers solid solutions.

He is a genius when it comes to sound engineering although that may not be his primary career goal. I mention it only to demonstrate that he has an ear and eye for detail and can tell when something is ‘off.’ This translates to systems and project management. He takes everything to the end zone.

Plus, he’s just a lot of fun to be around. Thoughtful but courteous, persevering yet kind, he’s the type that would overlook others’ missteps and simply fix the issue without commentary (unless you asked for it, in which case he is compassionately honest).” – Mary Rose Maguire, Author & Marketing Specialist

“I knew from our interactions at electro-music festivals that JP was something of a tech wizard. With that in mind, when I needed help with using Ableton I hired him for a few hours of tech advice. Boy, am I glad I did. He is a rare mind with both tech skills and the teaching skills to give the you what you need to move forward: teaching how to fish vs. giving a fish, as it were. He’s also a damn fine musician/sound artist!” – 4allX

“Susquehanna Sunset was the name of our band, there were 5 members including Jeremy (bass) that met in his studio once a week. Jeremy’s studio was very professional and his knowledge of mixing tracks was impeccable. He would also share other projects he was working on that was very impressive. Jeremy is very talented and keeps expanding his craft, I wish him success in all he does, and I thank you for working with me, I have grown with the knowledge that you instilled in me the short time we spent on our project.” – Sandra B., Vocalist

“Jeremy … provided the studio and recording for a demo of our band. Drums, two guitars, bass and four vocals in the mix and it came out better than I could have hoped. Since then, we’ve used that demo on our website, Facebook and on CD to any venues that wanted it. Jeremy takes the time to understand the artist’s needs and wants. He succeeded in capturing our “sound”. I felt when I listened, Jeremy was able to bring out what we wanted audiences to hear. I highly recommend Jeremy for virtually any music project!” – Dave Clifford, Band Leader

“I first met Jeremy nearly 30 years ago. Since then, I’ve seen him grow as both a musician and a person. We first worked together last year (2020) when I needed a demo recorded “post haste.” Jeremy delivered the goods in record time and created something of which we could both be proud. I’m not a “techie,” and was very impressed when Jeremy brought my “Edison cylinder” recording into the current era. It was a no-brainer to have him cut another of my demos this year. He brought a high level of enthusiasm to the process and once again completed the project well ahead of schedule. I will certainly be using his services again & recommend him highly.” – John C., Songwriter

“Working with Jeremy on an all day (11 hours) virtual concert and witnessing the extensive training he implemented with the participating artists was simply remarkable! I can’t wait to work with him again. Thorough, thoughtful, brilliant.” – Nick M., Event Producer

“I recorded my 3rd album, World Famous in Bloomsburg, with Jeremy in 2014. It wasn’t planned this way, but it was a huge project, with 22 songs with 11 musicians in varying configurations recorded over about 6 months. Jeremy did all the things to make the songs sound like I wanted, and was a true creative collaborator in the studio, playing bass, singing, and making other noises when appropriate. His studio demeanor is relaxed, patient, yet efficient at the same time. I’d record with him again without hesitation.” – Paul Loomis, singer-songwriter

“Jeremy’s work exudes professionalism. We worked together as bandmates in several different projects, and he was also the engineer on several demos and an album on which I tracked drums and percussion. I was always impressed by his organization, multifaceted skill set, and collaborative spirit. In addition to his work as a sideman and engineer, I can also wholeheartedly endorse his original work, which is wide-ranging. He is equally adept at experimental electronic soundscapes and the twelve bar blues, and his sincerity for all music is a rare quality.” – Urie Kline, drummer & percussionist

“I first met Jeremy dePrisco when he was only nineteen years old. I was amazed that someone so young had a level of musical maturity that many middle-aged musicians I have known did not have. I have known Jeremy since the early 1990s. Our collaboration included co-writing songs, recording, playing in live performances, and more. Jeremy has a lot of talent. I look forward to future collaborations both as a songwriting team and studio recording.” – Mickey Maguire, Songwriter

“I have known Jeremy for years and have worked on several major projects with him; he served as composer for my musical adaptations of Iphigenia (an ancient Greek play set in the 1950s/1960s) and Peer Gynt (a 19th century play updated to the 20th century), as well as my original rock musical Dog Assassin. He also provided music and songs for my one-man monologue performance Immaculate Misconception. Always full of ideas, he is a collaborator in the truest sense of the word.”
Dr. Stephen Schrum, director/playwright

“I can’t even begin to say HOW helpful this has been to me.”

“I would have struggled to understand at all without this guidance!”

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“I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy through the Taproot Foundation. He volunteered to help our nonprofit foundation and his professional and transparent demeanor quickly impressed us.” – Sandra W., CEO

“Jeremy created a wonderful lyric video of a song from my album that really promoted the message of the song to the viewing audience. He also helped create the YouTube channel and publish the video. Being a fellow musician makes Jeremy uniquely positioned to hear and understand what you are striving for with your music. He has a tremendous depth of knowledge of all aspects of music creation including recording and post processing in DAWs, interfaces, computer specs and requirements, MIDI protocols, along with video creation and editing. All of the above, and much more not mentioned here, are impressive but what makes Jeremy special is the fact that along with those skills he is a genuine good guy who patiently listens to your needs and helps you understand the issues and how he overcomes them.” David Downer – Musician/Songwriter