Studio Sampler

These are some demos that I have produced/engineered for folks. All files here are 256 kbps MP3, rough mixes, only for demo purposes. This material is a good example of what I enjoy recording the most (small bands, acoustic, blues roots). With the exception of the audio books, these are all live recordings, no overdubs.

John Sweeney & Tom Rosencrans

“Why You Been Gone So Long” (two voices, guitars)

“Nobody’s Fault” (resonator, harp, two voices)

“John Henry” (banjo & harp)

Tom & Jina Rosencrans

“Jim & Me” (two guitars, male/female voc)

“Get Out, Get Under the Moon” (guitar, female voc)

“Winderslide/Old Christmas Medley” (banjo & guitar)

Stu Crew

Stuart Rennick – bass, vocs
Craig Waltman – drums
Doug Sherry – lead guitar
Jim Williams – vocs, rhythm, some lead

“Early in the Morning” sung by Stuart

“Riviera Paradise” Doug on lead

Fricknadorable (Audra & Jeremy dePrisco)

Two voices, uke & guitar

“I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” 11/1/13

“Alone & Forsaken” 11/1/13

Jams (various)

Rand Whipple Audio Books

Audio production and light music, delivered to spec. Titles include:

Three Billy Goats Gruff
Aesop’s Fables
Toads & Diamonds
Little Witch Magic
Jack, The Beanstalk and Other Tales

Visit Box of Light for previews on iTunes and Amazon.