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Podcasting is a special category of audio storytelling that requires extra care. Bordering the art forms of theatre, spoken word, music and radio, podcasting requires someone on your team that can help you navigate the tech to get the best results.

How it works:

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Philly Maker Faire Podcast

Listen to the podcast just about anywhere!

In early 2021, Laura Chenault, the Marketing Director for the Philly Maker Faire, and Valerie Chikwendu, our volunteer coordinator, wanted to keep maker momentum through COVID, so we put together a podcast.

The Philly Maker Faire Podcast celebrates the creators, builders, inventors, and artists that bring their visions to life at the Philly Maker Faire.

We featuring interviews and announcements about the maker community in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Laura and Valerie both handle host/scheduling while I help with recording/editing. It’s been a great way to stay active during this crazy time, and we’ve met some outstanding makers!

To be featured on the podcast, visit the Philly Maker Faire website or drop me a line.

Listen to the latest episode here: