TCF 2024

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“SONG FOR AI-DA” Inspired by the House of Lords discussion of AI on October 11, 2022 featuring Aidan Meller, the creator of the world’s first ultra-realistic humanoid robot, Ai-Da. AI visuals generated by DALL-E 2. Music generated by Euclidean tools in Ableton Live. Video concept, image prompts, image post processing, and editing by Jeremy dePrisco. Copyright 2022 Jeremy dePrisco

Euclidean Composition (by Jeremy dePrisco)
Made with VCV Rack

WAVTool Composition (by Jeremy dePrisco)

My first impressions of WAVTool AI assisted DAW

Additional links to AI tools and stories…

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Project Music GenAI Control | Adobe Research (announced Feb 2024)

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Pika Labs just added sound effects to its generative AI videos — here’s how it sounds. “Creating sound effects from text is a rapidly emerging field, with other tools like MyEdit, AudioCraft and ElevenLabs also offering similar functionality.”