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Dog Assassin – March 2012

Dog Assassin: The Musical
debuts March 2012
Book & Lyrics by Stephen Schrum
Music by Jeremy dePrisco

In this post-progressive rock musical, a young grocery bagger makes extra cash on the side – but when he meets a young woman, his world turns upside down. A tale of spiritual redemption and love.

Thu 3/22 – 7:30 PM
Fri 3/23 – 7:30 PM
Sat 3/24 – 7:30 PM
Sun 3/25 -2:00 PM

Tickets: Regular $12
Students/Seniors $6

Ferguson Theatre, Pitt Greensburg
Greensburg, PA



In conjunction with Dog Assassin: The Musical, Jeremy will be conducting a series of workshops at the Univ of Pitt @ Greensburg. Topics will include songwriting, sound design, album production, collaboration and social media. Read more here. The project is funded in part through New Music USA’s MetLife Creative Connections program.

Workshop handouts & links






Dog Assassin Project Theatre

Dog Assassin: The Musical

Dog Assassin is the musical version of an original play by long-time collaborator Stephen Schrum. Here’s a little background from Dr. Schrum:

“Have you ever been kept awake by barking neighborhood dogs and been so agitated you wanted to use the phrase: ‘Terminate with extreme prejudice’?

Dog Assassin depicts a young grocery store bagger, Bob, who makes extra money as a hitman who rids the world of noisy neighborhood dogs. His life is changed after two encounters: he meets his Spirit Guide (a dog, of course) on a camping trip, and later meets Amber, a young woman with whom he has a fling. Something she says disturbs his status quo, and he decides to become a hitman for humans. However, things go awry, and he finds himself running for his life—until he is helped by a stray dog. Renouncing this dark path, he packs up and moves away with Amber, finding reputable employment.

Dog Assassin, like the Tony-winning Broadway play Urinetown, has a terrible title, but a socially redeeming ending for the protagonist.”

Previously, Amber’s monologue from Dog Assassin was published in “One on One: Best Women’s Monologues for the 21st Century”. (Joyce Henry, Bob Shuman, and Rebecca Dunn Jaroff, eds. NY: Applause Books, 2007, pp. 38-39). The play will be produced at University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and will feature 20+ original songs by Schrum/dePrisco performed by a live progressive rock band, with both male and female singers and puppets.  Dog Assassin is one of my biggest undertakings of time and creative output to date, with over 90 hours of writing/recording logged and over a year of prep.

Summer 2010 – First writing retreat to establish what Steve wanted
December 2010 – First Drafts done
February 2011 – Second Drafts done
April 2011 – Third Drafts done
July 2011 – Writing retreat with musical director Elliot Sheedy, who is working on the play for his senior capstone project.
Fall 2011 – Call for musicians & overture completed!
Jan 2012 – Auditions and Casting complete

March 2012 – Show goes up! – Check for dates

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Steve throws down rhymes for "Punk Spunk" during a late January work session in Greensburg.










Funded in part through New Music USA’s MetLife Creative Connections program.


Bloomsburg University Alumni Players

Bloomsburg University Alumni Players

The Butler Did It by Tim Kelly
(Sound Design Summer 2011)

Out of Sight, Out of Murder by Fred Carmichael
(Sound Design Summer 2010)

Laffing Room Only by Tim Kelly
(Sound Design Summer 2009)

A Fine Monster You Are by Monk Ferris
(Sound Design/The Guardian 2008)

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 by John Bishop
(Sound Design Summer 2007)

Murder in the Magnolias by Tim Kelly
(Sound Design/Percussion Summer 2006)

Under the direction of James H. Slusser.


Compassion Moves

Photo by Jeremy dePrisco

The “Compassion” Art Exhibit and “Compassion Moves” was a community-based, collaborative event featuring the work of poets, musicians, singer-songwriters, actors, choreographers, dancers, visual artists and residents, conducted in the towns of Berwick and Bloomsburg, PA during October 2004. The project was directed by Anthony Ferro, assistant professor of ballet at Marymount Manhattan College (pictured left).

In Anthony’s call for artists, he noted “My incentive for the work stems from an interest in exploring the amount of energy and focus one must assume in living as a compassionate person. Through discussion groups and forums, I hope to introduce this concept and allow the discussions to define the path of the project. Many aspects of the project will require significant developmental time. As the project evolves, I will foster the ideas and energies from the new artists with whom I will be collaborating. One approach may be to invite students and adults from the community to reflect upon and discuss significant circumstances in their lives that have triggered compassionate thoughts and/or actions and how they might translate these events into a work of art. I will call these expressions “artifacts.” The assembling of the “artifacts” will then become the language through which the project speaks.

Using the concept of compassion as a metaphor for how and why we conduct our lives may elicit some thoughts as we formulate our creative energies.The primary goal is for the project to somehow echo the comprehensiveness of compassion. Compassion is an enactment with many integrated characteristics: reflection, forgiveness, judgment, understanding, patience, intuition, respect, composure and sensitivity, to name a few. How can one attain and sustain the virtue of being a compassionate human being in a society as competitive and complex as ours?

The works that will be on display at either gallery will remain the property of the artists. Individual artists will be responsible when managing subsequent sales of displayed work/s. An insurance waiver must be submitted to the proprietors at either and/or both locations. All donations, monetary contributions and monies collected at the performative evenings will be given to support the efforts of the Public Libraries of Bloomsburg and Berwick.”

The site archive for this project is under reconstruction.


The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Theatre

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Theatre

Immaculate Misconceptions (Spring ’06)
The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abridged) Fall ’05

Under the direction of Dr. Stephen Schrum.


University of Charleston

University of Charleston

Peer Gynt (Fall 1999) – composer
All in the Timing (Spring 1999)- composer

Under the direction of Dr. Stephen Schrum.


Penn State Hazleton Campus Society of the Arts

Penn State Hazleton Campus
Society of the Arts, Penn State Highacres, Hazleton, PA

What The Butler Saw (musician)

(Spring 1998)
Aliens! 3 Miles, Turn Left
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All
Twelfth Night
An Evening of One Acts
(Fall 1995)
The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abridged) (Fall 96)
The Alchemist
(Spring 97)

Under the direction of Dr. Stephen Schrum.


The Rainbow’s End Theatre Company

The Rainbow’s End Theatre Company,
A non-profit young person’s theatre group.
Musical Director (1993 – 1995)

The Further Adventures Of Maid Marian
Memory Lane
The Toys Take Over Christmas


Theatre Junction

Theatre Junction


Bloomsburg Players

Bloomsburg Players

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Comedy Of Errors (Spring 1993)