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Dog Assassin: The Musical

Dog Assassin is the musical version of an original play by long-time collaborator Stephen Schrum. Here’s a little background from Dr. Schrum:

“Have you ever been kept awake by barking neighborhood dogs and been so agitated you wanted to use the phrase: ‘Terminate with extreme prejudice’?

Dog Assassin depicts a young grocery store bagger, Bob, who makes extra money as a hitman who rids the world of noisy neighborhood dogs. His life is changed after two encounters: he meets his Spirit Guide (a dog, of course) on a camping trip, and later meets Amber, a young woman with whom he has a fling. Something she says disturbs his status quo, and he decides to become a hitman for humans. However, things go awry, and he finds himself running for his life—until he is helped by a stray dog. Renouncing this dark path, he packs up and moves away with Amber, finding reputable employment.

Dog Assassin, like the Tony-winning Broadway play Urinetown, has a terrible title, but a socially redeeming ending for the protagonist.”

Previously, Amber’s monologue from Dog Assassin was published in “One on One: Best Women’s Monologues for the 21st Century”. (Joyce Henry, Bob Shuman, and Rebecca Dunn Jaroff, eds. NY: Applause Books, 2007, pp. 38-39). The play will be produced at University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and will feature 20+ original songs by Schrum/dePrisco performed by a live progressive rock band, with both male and female singers and puppets.  Dog Assassin is one of my biggest undertakings of time and creative output to date, with over 90 hours of writing/recording logged and over a year of prep.

Summer 2010 – First writing retreat to establish what Steve wanted
December 2010 – First Drafts done
February 2011 – Second Drafts done
April 2011 – Third Drafts done
July 2011 – Writing retreat with musical director Elliot Sheedy, who is working on the play for his senior capstone project.
Fall 2011 – Call for musicians & overture completed!
Jan 2012 – Auditions and Casting complete

March 2012 – Show goes up!

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Steve throws down rhymes for “Punk Spunk”
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