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EM2011 Report

Poster by Jack Hurwitz

The Electro-Music festival and conference in Huguenot, New York in early Sept was another great experience and I came away inspired (if not well-rested). It was bittersweet however, as this was also the same weekend as the flood in Central PA (from the aftermath of Tropical Storm Lee) and my mind was certainly not present as much as last year. In fact, it wasn’t even clear if EM2011 would be held, with bridges and roads out, but somehow it managed to stay afloat and for those who attended I think it made a big difference and helped keep spirits up.

For those that know me as an acoustic artist, it may seem odd to be attending such an event. But there are sides to my composition and musical interests that just do not get very much exposure in the folk/blues genre. Whether it is the influence of sound experimentalists like Ken Nordine or Brian Eno, or my exposure to electronics from an early age, I can not deny the attraction to sound as texture. Still, EM is not for everyone, and it takes a very open mind, and open ears to appreciate what some electro artists are doing. Whether it is the sorrowful cry of the theremin, or the clammer of power drill percussion from Brazil, there is something to be learned from all of these sounds because in the end they are the expression of the human spirit reaching out.

JD's rig for EM2011 - Keeping it simple?
RoDoJede - Robert Dorschel and Jeremy dePrisco
Solo electro performance - (Photo by Cyndi Heap)
Spooky walk back to the lodge.

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