Demo Reel

Samples of marketing and promotional images can be found here.


The Unknown

Product Demo

Service Promotion



Video Synth

More videos on Youtube.

Shadow of Doubt

(Original composition, Guitar, Synth/Drum Programming, Production, Engineering)

Podcast/Voice Over Demo
(music by unknown)

Anthemic instrumental
Generic beat-driven accompaniment for product demo.
Generative electronic abstract
Ambient soundscape
Voice manipulation and political commentary.

Voice Over Demos by Audra dePrisco

These are some demos for Audra dePrisco’s voice actor portfolio.

Categories include automotive, health care, education, PSA, political, non-profit, documentary, audio book and podcast.

Organ Harvest

(Original composition/lyrics, Singing, Bass, Guitars, Drum Programming, Production, Engineering)


Fusion instrumental (Production, programming, bass, flute, guitars)

Topical Song

(lyrics/music by Audra dePrisco)

Wolves & Women

Original showcase track featuring multi-instrumental production.

Haunted 2016

Halloween ambient soundtrack

“Haunted 2016 is a dead-on perfect tribute to the scary sound effects albums of the past.” Gravedigger’s Local 16

All original Foley, production. The sounds used here were all recorded between 10/9/16 and 10/21/16, with only a few older sounds (e.g. storm, night noises, furnace door) from past original recordings. Everything else was recorded in the entry way/vestibule of our home. Read the review.

Original blues song (from the album Catch the Squirrel)

Acoustic Rock (1999)

Production, Writing, Vocals, Guitar

More music and audio on Bandcamp
See also my Portfolio Projects page