Demo Reel

These are just a few samples of projects I’ve done and styles in which I’ve worked. More examples are available on request.

More videos on Youtube.

Organ Harvest (Original composition/lyrics, Singing, Bass, Guitars, Drum Programming, Production, Engineering)

Mangalam – fusion instrumental (Production, programming, bass, flute, guitars)

Rock Protest Song (based on trad.) – Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Live Analog Synth

Topical Song (lyrics/music by Audra dePrisco)

Wolves & Women – Original showcase track featuring multi-instrumental production.

Haunted 2016 – Halloween ambient soundtrack

“Haunted 2016 is a dead-on perfect tribute to the scary sound effects albums of the past.” Gravedigger’s Local 16

All original Foley, production. The sounds used here were all recorded between 10/9/16 and 10/21/16, with only a few older sounds (e.g. storm, night noises, furnace door) from past original recordings. Everything else was recorded in the entry way/vestibule of our home. Read the review.

Acoustic Rock (circa 1999) Production, Writing, Vocals, Guitar

More music and audio here: