Portfolio Projects

This page highlights my skills in a number of areas, including electronics, audio engineering, prototyping, programming, development and collaboration. I’ve tried to provide a mix of older and newer projects, but it is safe to say I am always working on something!


    Enter the world of SCI-FI-LOPHONE, where music, noise and science come together to produce fun and unusual sound textures for all ages. Q: What is SCI-FI-LOPHONE*? A: SCI-FI-LOPHONE is a […]

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  • YouTube Web Scraping in Python

    Over the course of 2020 and 2021, I was not very consistent with posting new content to my Word Press site (the site you are reading now). I was very […]

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  • Space Invaders!

    I don’t really call myself a programmer… but I always seem to come back to programming as a skill that is good to have. In February of 2021 I was […]

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  • Collaboration with Breakfast

    One fateful night in the early 90s, at an open mic in Bloomsburg, PA, I met Tom Dennehy. His mix of Dr. Demento-style originals and Weird Al Yankovic covers immediately […]

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  • Teensy Audio Project Demo

    This project dates back to when I was still living in Central PA. This sound sculpture combined hardware, software, sound design, and some light fabrication. Besides mounting everything on the […]

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  • JDRenderEngine – Touchdesigner Custom Component

    I came to Touchdesigner from timeline-based video editing in programs like iMovie, Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve. For a few years I also built patches in Magic Music Visualizer. I […]

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  • Cosmic Stream Fest

    Cosmic Stream Fest Tech Requirements

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  • Humming With The Gods (2020)

    Humming With The Gods is a 4-song Limited Edition EP born as a result of some different approaches I was taking to recording/writing in late 2017. I was working with […]

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  • JD Teensy Breakout V1

    Teensy is a popular microcontroller ecosystem that I’ve highlighted on my site before. There are already a number of breakout shields on the market for most of the Teensy models. […]

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  • SparkPunk Sequencer

    At the end of August I built the SparkPunk Sound Kit, and used an EHX 8-Step to trigger the kit via control voltage. Not long after this, Sparkfun released their […]

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More projects from the archives are on the way!

See also my Demo Reel