Portfolio Projects

This page highlights my skills in a number of areas, including electronics, audio engineering, prototyping, programming, development and collaboration. I’ve tried to provide a mix of older and newer projects, but it is safe to say I am always working on something!

  • We Were All Born Naked

    Tanner Bingaman worked with me in late 2018 and early 2019 on his album We Were All Born Naked. His project was the last full album project I recorded before […]

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    Enter the world of SCI-FI-LOPHONE, where music, noise and science come together to produce fun and unusual sound textures for all ages. Q: What is SCI-FI-LOPHONE*? A: SCI-FI-LOPHONE is a […]

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  • YouTube Web Scraping in Python

    Over the course of 2020 and 2021, I was not very consistent with posting new content to my Word Press site (the site you are reading now). I was very […]

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  • Space Invaders!

    I don’t really call myself a programmer… but I always seem to come back to programming as a skill that is good to have. In February of 2021 I was […]

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  • Philly Maker Faire Podcast

    Listen to the podcast just about anywhere! History In early 2021, Laura Chenault, the Marketing Director for the Philly Maker Faire, and Valerie Chikwendu, our volunteer coordinator, wanted to keep […]

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  • OpenBCI Revisited

    Open BCI is an open source Brain Computer Interface project. Back in 2014, I supported one of their early Kickstarter programs and got one of the 8-bit EEG boards. After […]

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  • Collaboration with Breakfast

    One fateful night in the early 90s, at an open mic in Bloomsburg, PA, I met Tom Dennehy. His mix of Dr. Demento-style originals and Weird Al Yankovic covers immediately […]

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  • Teensy Audio Project Demo

    This project dates back to when I was still living in Central PA. This sound sculpture combined hardware, software, sound design, and some light fabrication. Besides mounting everything on the […]

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  • JDRenderEngine – Touchdesigner Custom Component

    I came to Touchdesigner from timeline-based video editing in programs like iMovie, Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve. For a few years I also built patches in Magic Music Visualizer. I […]

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  • Cosmic Stream Fest

    Cosmic Stream Fest Tech Requirements

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More projects from the archives are on the way!

See also my Demo Reel