Portfolio Projects

This page highlights my skills in a number of areas, including electronics, audio engineering, prototyping, programming, development and collaboration. I’ve tried to provide a mix of older and newer projects, but it is safe to say I am always working on something!

  • YouTube Web Scraping in Python

    Over the course of 2020 and 2021, I was not very consistent with posting new content to my Word Press site (the site you are reading now). I was very active on YouTube, with a number of live streams, web tutorials and audio-visual experiments, but a large number of them were not linked in any […]

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  • Space Invaders!

    I don’t really call myself a programmer… but I always seem to come back to programming as a skill that is good to have. In February of 2021 I was studying a variety of things related to graphics generation and came across Pygame. This was my first real exploration of the Pygame library. It was […]

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  • Collaboration with Breakfast

    One fateful night in the early 90s, at an open mic in Bloomsburg, PA, I met Tom Dennehy. His mix of Dr. Demento-style originals and Weird Al Yankovic covers immediately endeared him to both me and, my future wife, Audra. Life was never the same after meeting Tom. His combination of humor, musical smarts, and […]

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  • Teensy Audio Project Demo

    This project dates back to when I was still living in Central PA. This sound sculpture combined hardware, software, sound design, and some light fabrication. Besides mounting everything on the board, I also made a custom circuit board to managed the Teensy connections. This turned out to be a collaboration of sorts, with my father […]

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  • JDRenderEngine – Touchdesigner Custom Component

    I came to Touchdesigner from timeline-based video editing in programs like iMovie, Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve. For a few years I also built patches in Magic Music Visualizer. I was always frustrated by the UI of iMovie and similar programs. I never found their UX very good coming from the audio world. I also […]

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  • Cosmic Stream Fest

    Cosmic Stream Fest Tech Requirements

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  • Humming With The Gods (2020)

    Humming With The Gods is a 4-song Limited Edition EP born as a result of some different approaches I was taking to recording/writing in late 2017. I was working with some very evocative instruments, and suddenly found myself creating a lot of material in a particular universe of sound. Originally, I envisioned 10-12 songs in […]

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  • JD Teensy Breakout V1

    Teensy is a popular microcontroller ecosystem that I’ve highlighted on my site before. There are already a number of breakout shields on the market for most of the Teensy models. I’ve tried several, and written about them here. The breakout boards that I’ve tried were either overbuilt with way more functionality than I required, or […]

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    Enter the world of SCI-FI-LOPHONE, where music, noise and science come together to produce fun and unusual sound textures for all ages. Q: What is SCI-FI-LOPHONE*? A: Part art installation, interactive science project, and part musical instrument! SCI-FI-LOPHONE combines many of my interests into one crazy contraption, including percussion, found sounds, MIDI and a maker […]

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  • SparkPunk Sequencer

    At the end of August I built the SparkPunk Sound Kit, and used an EHX 8-Step to trigger the kit via control voltage. Not long after this, Sparkfun released their own sequencer, which I promptly ordered, hoping it would arrive before the next electro-music festival. The sequencer kit arrived well before the festival, but still […]

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More projects from the archives are on the way!

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