Electronics Projects

Since around 2010, I’ve spent more time expanding my understanding of microelectronics, programming (C, C++, Javascript, PHP) and have built a number of projects for fun. I particularly enjoy Arduino, Particle Photon, Teensy, NodeMCU and anything that involves audio/sound. I’ve even branched out into making my own boards.

Included below are most of my electronics experiments. You can also find me on Hackster.io.

Teensy is a popular microcontroller ecosystem that I've highlighted on my site before. There are already a number of breakout
This is a rather old project meant as a supplement to other things I was working on in the audio
March 3, 2018 I found Daniel Gilbert's Teensy 3.2 Breakout (Revision D) on Tindie during a web search while working on
February 24, 2018 The LinkSprite is an 8 x 8 LED matrix that can be used when you need something
This idea came about from needing LEDs, buttons, trim pots and switches on hand to do quick tests on various
February 16, 2018 After making some advances with audio board selection and programming, it was time to go through my
The Sparkfun APDS-9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor is a fairly low-cost ($15) option for hands-free control of all kinds of
As discussed in my ongoing series of sound board experiments (most recently with the Adafruit Sound FX Board), I have
January 2018 This is a continuation of an earlier exploration of Adafruit's FX Sound Board. Previously, I worked with the
January 2018 Next up in IoT exploration is the Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing - part WRL-13231. Note that this is not the Dev
A lot has changed since my last connected sensor project in 2013, so I wanted to jump in again to
December 2017 Since my last embedded project experiments in 2013, a lot has changed. Costs have gone down, size has
12/22/16 - The LED Panner is another fun circuit from the great book "Handmade Electronic Music" by Nicolas Collins. This
12/9/16 - The Xmas Fly is a riff on the Black Fly, which is basically nothing more than a piezo
June 2016 - The Quad Oscillator below is a common beginner project, with surprising nuances depending on parts and configuration.
Just as 2015 was wrapping up I put together a MIDI drum trigger kit from Spikenzie Labs. The Drum Kit
Dec 2015 - The Nebulophone has been on my wishlist for a while, so when Makershed held their holiday sales, it
December 5, 2015 After a long break from Arduino, and electronics in general, I wanted to jump back in with
A friend of ours has a vintage Acetone Fuzzmaster. My father copied and made several versions it, and was researching different
In January 2015, I finally got brave enough to tackle the Synth in a Box project that I picked up
I've always been interested in brain/computer interfacing, but never knew much about the field. When the OpenBCI open source platform came
Tayda Electronics (where I get many of my parts) calls this their "Super Hard On" circuit. I used a loose
This project was built from a kit that I got from fellow electro artist Michael Victor at EM2014's swap meet.
At the end of August I built the SparkPunk Sound Kit, and used an EHX 8-Step to trigger the kit
It has been a while since I built something, so here's a little project that was a lot of fun,
Moving on to smaller platforms, I tried out the Gemma device that Adafruit puts out, and built the inner workings
The SensorMote project was educational, but I found Zigbee to be a bit difficult to set up, and wanted to
The TV B Gone can be used to turn off just about any screen from a distance. Lots of fun.
I've been returning to my Arduino projects in the past few weeks, and have been taking a course in Processing (the basis
My quest for an easy-to-use, high-quality audio board pretty much came to an end when Adafruit released their Audio FX
Next in my exploration of Arduino-compatible audio boards is Adafruit's compact and multi-functional VS1053. This board came out earlier this
SensorMote Project 3/31/13 After watching the Distributed Environmental Data: On the Ground at the Data Sensing Lab video I was
3/6/13 Rugged Audio Shield – Session 1 The Rugged Audio Shield can function as both a sound generator, and a
Seeed (sic) Studio Music Shield v1.0 (VS1053B codec chip) The first time I worked with this board, I was running
After creating a more fully-outfitted workbench, I dove into a capacitive sensing noise maker, commonly known as a Theremin. Although, to be
Jan/Feb 2013 After working with the Adafruit Wave Shield, I wanted something a bit more compact. Enter the Sparkfun MP3 Trigger
I knew my interest in electronic music and the maker movement would come together at some point. It was just
Some experiments with an optical theremin and some effects pedals... used in one of my electro performances.