Open BCI: Brain Computer Interface

Open BCI is an open source Brain Computer Interface project. Back in 2014, I supported one of their early Kickstarter programs and got one of the 8-bit EEG boards.

After some rather discouraging initial results, and a long time away from the project, I have found some folks interested in the same applications of the technology and we’re setting some goals for development.

Some recent progress is shown below:

  • OpenBCI – OSC stream mapped to multiple objects in Touchdesigner

    This is an extended example of a single channel of BCI data sent to Touchdesigner via OSC. The main difference here is that I am breaking out each of the five band power values and mapping them each to something different. After I made this video, I confirmed that the values are arranged as follows: […]

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  • Reading Cyton Data from Files

    These videos recap some of my earlier proof of concept attempts for getting data into Touchdesigner using file output capability of the OpenBCI GUI. In the first case, I first generated a file using the OpenBCI GUI, then later pulled the data into Touchdesigner (non-real time). In the second attempt, I pointed Touchdesigner to the […]

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  • Band Power via OSC into Touchdesigner mapped to sine wave

    Continuation of previous experiments with getting BCI data into Touchdesigner.

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  • OpenBCI into Touchdesigner via OSC mapped to Sine Wave

    This is a rudimentary demo of an OpenBCI signal (in this case, FFT of channel 5) mapped to an audio generator (Sine wave generator). As I move my arm the frequency tends to go up, though there is not any fine control at this point. But there is a clear difference between the at rest […]

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  • OpenBCI: Cyton OSC Data to Touchdesigner

    This video shows OpenBCI Cyton live data input to Touchdesigner via OSC protocol. The good thing here is that data is finally coming in live, rather than from a saved CSV file. On the downside, this method is still reliant on the OpenBCI GUI and I also had an index issue (later fixed by adjusting […]

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