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Rehearsal with Steve

4/1/06 1:14 AM

Well, the writing process is nearing an end for this project. It’s time to figure out which pieces will be in the play, which will be pre-recorded or performed live, and which songs might end up on the Immaculate Misconceptions CD (merchandising!). For now I’m trying not to allow all of the work ahead to get to my head.

My rehearsal with Steve last weekend was a relief because it was nice to see how things were going to work together. Collaborating four hours away has its benefits, but there’s nothing like doing a run-through in person to tweak things. I was also relieved to see that Steve was getting nervous about getting things together. We both had the wake up call that, yes, we are going to be on stage in 2.5 months!

I’m pleased with the writing I’ve done for this production, and I only wish we could take the show on the road so more people could participate. Alas, both of our schedules are quite crazy, so we’ll have to put off the idea of a touring act for a little while (though not entirely).
For those who can join us, there will be a few surprises. I will have one particularly unusual costume change, and there will be times when I am on stage and not singing, but perhaps doing something else to assist with the storytelling.

Anyway, I am hoping to keep this little journal of thoughts until after the play closes in Greensburg. If you are curious about how this process works, or just want to see it sometime, drop me a line. One thing that Steve and I agree on is that folks just don’t understand us artists sometimes, and our wascally ways. Besides, what kind of nutjob would be up at 1:24 AM typing this stuff??


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