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After-show wind down

6/17/06 – 1:08 AM – We’re having our after-show wind down now with friends and family and reflecting on tonight’s debut performance. Steve says, “One down, one to go.”

My Taylor guitar, an instrument I enjoy very much otherwise, seems to have ED (Electronic Dysfunction), or performance anxiety at gigs. Seems like every other gig, I have issues with the pickups. But when I troubleshoot them before or after a gig, they are fine. This time, they worked fine for the first act, but the second act they were completely off (or so it seemed – see addendum below). Luckily I was able to use my vocal microphone for both my voice and the guitar and the second act didn’t have much to do with the Taylor.

We’ll see how things go tomorrow night. A jack replacement may be in order. Aside from that, and a couple lyric flubs, I was fairly pleased with my performance. We had some last minute changes just prior to the show during warm ups, and pulled some things together to the point where the show seemed to go quciker than expected. I suppose I’ll have some more comments later. We taped the performance from two angles, so I expect we’ll have some web video sometime later this summer.

Addendum: The guitar problem didn’t occur the second night of the show. After further troubleshooting, I think it was a matter of perception. The monitors Friday night were not turned on, so it was hard to hear anything, but sound appeared to come through the mains. Saturday night, the monitors were up, and it was much easier to hear from the stage. I’m still keeping close tabs on the Taylor’s output jack though. Might need a replacement.


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