Adafruit TS2012 Amp

This is a rather old project meant as a supplement to other things I was working on in the audio realm.

Adafruit notes:

As of May 23, 2016 we’ve updated this breakout to use the TPA2012 rather than the TS2012. This is an overall-equivalent part with slightly less power output. You can use the two interchangeably for 99% of projects. The TS2012 has been discontinued!”

This is a super simple kit that barely warrants mention on my project page, except for some of the additional mods and interconnections I tried to prepare this amp for best us in my projects.

The first is the speaker enclosure, made with a shipping box and speakers from Adafruit:

The original intent was to make this modular for easy connection for testing audio projects. But I wasn’t happy with the mechanics of the pin interface, and particularly the stereo jacks I got which have an odd pinout and barely work on a breadboard. Somewhat discouraged I let this sit for some time before coming back to it. It was only after I found the Sparkfun Audio Jack Breakout that I was able to get this into better mechanical working order.

Here I also have the power connected, which is the second part of the problem… this board needs 5V on its own and most of my projects also need 5V of their own power, or 3.3V regulated. So the next step is to make a self-contained power supply for this and my Teensy sound projects so I can run everything off of a single adapter.


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.