Bass Player

25+ years of experience in multiple styles, electric fretted, electric fretless, some upright bass. Comfortable on stage (see videos below) or in studio.

If you are looking for a quick demo, check out this video.

Bass demo by Jeremy dePrisco

While I perform as a guitarist and singer, and electronic artist, many people don’t realize that I actually started as a bass player, and maintain that skill by playing in projects whenever feasible.

First Bass

Around the age of 12, I started with a (rather hideous) Telestar short scale electric, then eventually moved on to full scale. After the requisite rock and metal bands in high school, I turned my focus to writing and playing guitar, but always maintained my interest in bass.

I continued to study on string bass with the Hazleton Philharmonic and Bloomsburg-University Community Orchestras through college. Afterward my focus has primarily been on electric bass, doing live projects and playing on recordings. In 2003-4 I did a stint as a bassist playing Hungarian music with the Bodo Band. That was a blast!

Bodo Band in Seattle 2003

These days, I play in a wide variety of styles. With Negodniki, I perform blues, jazz and fusion. With projects like Fricknadorable and songwriter Paul Loomis, I play folk, rock, and Americana. I enjoy all these styles (and more) and even do a bit of electronic stuff on the side.

While often in the limelight with my other projects, I enjoy bass because it puts me in a support role where I can confidently serve the music and let someone else take center stage.


So if you are looking for a bass player, Give me a shout.

Recent studio projects include Susquehanna Sunset (Feb-Dec 2016), Ed Zuber Project (ongoing), Michael Hickey’s debut album, Mellékes Quartet, among others.

9/22/2019 – With Jason Jeffries (center) and Robb McCall (right) of The Tall Trees. Great venue and vibe at WaR3house 3 in Swarthmore.


2015 String Bass Example
2018 Electric Bass Example
2010 Jazz with Negodniki
2010 Jazz with Negodniki
2016 with Negodniki (Photo by Scott Canouse)
2016 with Negodniki (Photo by Scott Canouse)
2016 with Ed Zuber Project (Photo by Scott Canouse)
2016 with Ed Zuber Project (Photo by Scott Canouse)
Photos from some live shows with Paul Loomis and Fricknadorable…

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Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.