Bloomsburg to Bangladesh (the band)

Bulu & Jeremy - Photo by Marlin Wagner

Bloomsburg to Bangladesh was a two-person East/West fusion collaboration with tabla player Ahm Mostafizur (Bulu) Rahman, originally from Bangladesh. Bulu has been playing tabla for 20 years and has recorded with his brother, Atique Babu. After receiving his degree in Botany from Dhaka University, he came to the US to complete an MBA at Bloomsburg University. I met Bulu in 2003 during the early days of the Bengal Association of Bloomsburg Area, and later we became good friends and began performing together.

We performed Blues, Roots, original ballads, character songs and covers throughout the Bloomsburg, Danville and Harrisburg areas and released one album (also called Bloomsburg to Bangladesh) between 2004-2005. Bulu later moved to New York to start his family and accept a job in the financial industry. To this day this remains one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my musical journey.

Video for Teasing the Toad (2003)

Other photos:

Performing at Brews N Bytes 2004 - Photo by Marlin Wagner
Performing at Bengali New Year 2005 - Photo by George dePrisco

Performing at Renaissance Jamboree 2004 - Photo by Marlin Wagner

Artsfest 2004 - Photo by Audra dePrisco