Bodo Band

Bodó Band Tour – Introduction

February 2, 2011 – Eight years on, and this experience is still one of my fondest musical adventures. After taking down the original trip journal at MINDSPEAK.COM when my web site was redesigned, I really wanted to bring back the highlights of this journey. There’s also a possibility of a reunion of sorts later in 2011, so if/when that happens, it would be good for visitors to my site to know how it all started.

This trip has been an endless source of inspiration. While I have performed with many other people since then, I can’t say that anything has approached the energy and excitement generated by this trio. My life was made so much richer (culturally if not monetarily) as a result of this experience.

What follows is a pictorial journal with samples of the 600 images that I took on the trip, converted to Flickr from the previous HTML journal. Photo comments are on the way, and will be necessary to really appreciate some of the more bizarre selections.

Tour photos (multiple pages)

Bodó Band 2003 West Coast Tour

Photoshoot with Marlin Wagner:

Bodó Band May 4, 2003


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