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Collaborator Profile – Alf Bashore II

Alf performs regularly at
Brews N Bytes in Danville.

Making a joyful noise!

Alf Bashore II is a multi-instrumentalist from the Danville area. He specializes in acoustic instrumental music in a variety of styles including Blues, Celtic, Traditional and Folk. Alf performs often at area coffee shops, festivals, fairs and flea markets. Alf gives music instruction at Schoolhouse Music and privately.

We first met via the Local Music Collective, and I saw Alf perform a couple times in the area. In addition to his mastery of acoustic dulcimer, and traditional music, Alf also has an “electro” side, and we’ve begun to work on some material for live performance. One of his Appalachian dulcimers (from  makers Bear Meadow) is equipped with a MIDI pickup, allowing Alf to interface with a Roland synth unit usually reserved for guitar.

Alf also plays electric mando, Godin Glissantar (a fretless nylon double strung guitar based on oud principles, but not design), bodhran, uke and several other instruments. He also takes lessons on violin and oboe!

Stay tuned for new developments as we explore the boundaries of space dulcimer!


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.