Dog Assassin: The Musical (Recap)

Reaper saves the day. (Photo by Jeremy dePrisco)

During the week of March 20, 2012 I traveled to Greensburg, PA for the world premiere of Dog Assassin: The Musical, my latest collaboration with playwright Dr. Stephen Schrum. The parabolic allegory was part of the “Origin and Invention” series of the Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Co.

The production was two years in the making and featured a full band, chorus, dancers (choreographed by Meghan Edge), video projections (by Nathan LaSor) and puppets (Kathyrn Culver). The 8-piece band included Elliot Sheedy (musical director/electric guitar), Jesse Walls (drums), Ryan Jakubek (clarinet/acoustic guitar), Fred Mejia (bass), Paul Sarver (trumpet/congas), Brian Schrader (electric guitar), Nicole Wong (keyboards), Stephanie Zeiler (flute). Most of the cast doubled as singers, with leads played by Claire Secen (Isis), Matt Grice (Osiris), Tony Puzzini (Set, Spirit Guide, Don Palancia), Jesse Palatucci (The Dog Assassin), Cody Kraski (Ted), Emily Ann Stark (Tammy), Jess Uhler (Amber), Jaclyn Ramey (Heather), and the two hitmen, Dmitri Lazzari (Tom), Meg Hughes (Gem).

Dog Assassin: The Musical takes place in 1990s Northeast PA as well as ancient Egypt, thus the references to Egyptian mythos above. In this post-progressive rock musical, a young grocery bagger makes extra cash on the side – but when he meets a young woman, his world turns upside down. A tale of spiritual redemption and love. Songs included:

Dog Assassin Overture
Prologue: Osiris Ruled
Paper or Plastic?
Reality Vs. Illusion
Put the Hammer Down
Call It Fate
Flashback Music
Punk Spunk
The Song Of Emptiness (Shine The Lamp)
Human Contact
Do What We Please
The Hitmen Duet
The Obedience School Song
Fight or Flight
Seize Life
Osiris Free (Osiris Ruled reprise)
Hush Little Doggy Hush (Lullaby)
Finale (“Seize Life” Reprise)

In conjunction with Dog Assassin: The Musical, Jeremy conducted a series of workshops at the Univ of Pitt @ Greensburg. Topics included songwriting, sound design, album production, collaboration and social media. Read more here. The project was funded in part through New Music USA’s MetLife Creative Connections program.

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