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Electro-music 2010 Review

JD's Electro-Music setup - Photo by Jeremy

Who? Festival produced by – an international online forum and community of artists, enthusiasts and industry pioneers in electronic music. People of many walks of life.

What? Electro-music Festival 2010. This really was a celebration and not the usual industry conference with lots of ego, and PR hob-snobbing. Performances, many improv based, informal workshops, jam sessions and demos. A swap meet to empty your basement or attic of electronic critters.

Why? Because ever since 2005, this community has recognized a need to gather and celebrate their passion. No one was doing anything like this, so the event was born thanks to the effort of a dedicated few. Kind of like some countries.

Where? Mostly online but definitely global in scope and maybe beyond. This year, at the secluded Greenkill Retreat Center (a YMCA camp) in Huguenot, New York.

When? 9/10 – 9/12, 2010. Yeah, this already happened. Sorry you missed it.

How better to spend the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on NY and PA than to witness collaboration on so many levels of humanity at something so (seemingly) unhuman or extra-human as an electronic music festival. How better to spend this anniversary not tuning into any TV news, but rather the many broadcasts of music in these rooms among people from all over the world. What better way to express our resolve than to not read CNN, MSNBC, or other news sites, but instead explore our beginnings and futures as creative humans.

Photo by Hong Waltzer

As I mentioned to the organizers and attendees – it was such a life-enhancing event. Words can not describe (though I will try here and in future blog postings) to convey the camaraderie and inclusiveness that I felt this weekend. The passion, curiosity, integrity, energy and wonder that each person brought to this event were overwhelming at times, but always welcome and comforting.

Reflecting on other “industry” events that I’ve attended, this gathering had a completely different feel. All too often, conferences and niche festivals take on a rather cold feeling filled with ego and bravado, with everyone vying for attention. This weekend – refreshingly – showed none of that. There was too much awesome stuff going on to really get caught up in your own head about where you should be or who you should be talking to. Where you were was where you belonged at that moment. What you were hearing was important. The feeling of inclusiveness, mentorship and stewardship for the audio arts was palpable. It was like coming home. It was inspiring and humbling. As a first-time attendee, electro-music 2010 delivered beyond any expectations and will forever redefine my own musical direction.

Things I realized while at electro-music 2010:

  1. It’s not my job to interpret, define, categorize, identify, or explain my music.
  2. Electronic music can not be compared or contrasted easily to anything else. Just as words stretch to describe any music, they are particularly inadequate here.
  3. “Electronic” means what it says. And more. And less. It means all manner of pickups, triggers, controllers, manipulators and enhancers. Electronic = electrons = energy. Electronic music has energy. Propelling forward, taking you back.
  4. Those who compose, perform and create electronic music probably have the widest palette of sounds imaginable, and also the most flexible ears.
  5. Contrary to what some may think, electronic musicians do not hold themselves above “traditional” musicians. They simply want to continue the expression of life that music offers through the various technologies available.
  6. No two electronic musicians are alike – even if they both have the same *exact* instruments/setup. The person is still the instrument. No two people are exactly the same.
  7. Electronic musicians revere the composers, inventors and creators that came before them.
JD performs - Photo by Hong Waltzer
JD performs - Photo by Hong Waltzer
Electro jam - Photo by Hong Waltzer
Electro-acoustic jam - Photo by Hong Waltzer
Electro-acoustic jam - Photo by Hong Waltzer
Electro-acoustic jam - Photo by Hong Waltzer

{compiled 9/11/10 – 9/18/10}

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