Gravedigger’s Local 16 Reviews Soundscape Release

“Haunted 2016 is a dead-on perfect tribute to the scary sound effects albums of the past.”

Back in 2016, Audra and I recorded a long-form Halloween soundscape, purely for the joy and experimentation of it all. Titled “Haunted 2016”, we released it on Bandcamp, just for kicks. The album cover is a cheesy picture of our creeper character that hugs our maple tree each Halloween season. Aside from being a labor of love, it also showed the breadth of work I was doing at Pepperhead Studios besides blues bands and singer-songwriters.

Later, I was contacted by Gravedigger’s Local 16, a haunt blog put out by a mysterious figure who goes by Six Foot Plus. “Haunted 2016” was included in their list of recommended sources for haunt soundtracks. Earlier this year, I was told that my soundscape collection would receive a full review, with an excerpt included in a podcast that Six Foot Plus also puts out.

This is a perfect example of how something you do for pure joy and with enthusiasm, can take on a life of its own, even when there is little to no expectation of recognition. While this is a small thing, and the soundscape is pretty dark – this recognition was a welcome ray of light. Given the turmoil in my life, the lives of some close friends, and the world in general, this one simple, small, even silly success brightened my day more than anything in recent memory.

The Review:

The Podcast:

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