I Ran Away

I Ran Away (from the album Mandala)

City lights, your hand touched mine we walked along South street at night
Looking back at the day when I was in your arms
Everything was perfect, everything felt right
I was on the top of my world and the stars were bright
Looking back at the day when I was in your arms
But the romance of it all was more like Satan’s fall

I ran away, I ran away from myself (Rpt)

It was great while it lasted, short and sweet – brought together by chance
First a friend, then a lover, then a friend again
Back forth – now it’s over, we’ve reached the end
Now we’ve got no shoulder to cry on
We’ve erased the past, hope I can forget you fast
The Titanic love I’d miss soon hit icebergs in the mist


What were we thinking, were we selfish to the bone?
Were was all of that moralization we learned at home?
Were was the common sense of who we were and our place in the life?
We crossed the New Age, bullshit boundary and we crossed the line.
And with every step I take, I get further away.


Lyrics, Music & Arrangement By:
© 1998 Jeremy J. dePrisco ASCAP


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.