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Immaculate Misconceptions – Immaculate Thanks!

im_cakeThanks to Audra and Steve, and our friends and family, but especially our parents, and siblings.

All these folks played a part too: Tom Dennehy, Mike Maguire, Steve Schrum & Dianna Bourke, Mike Kattner, Bill King, Lt. James Reese, Jeff Sherman, The Remishes, Jason Palmer, Kristy Thompson, Amethyst, Katalin Tamás & Béla Marssó (The Bodó Band), Roger Schoch, The Isenbergs, John Hearity, Jim & Mary Rose Hearity, Pete Longo, Jason Ramsland, Thom Greco, The Rainbow’s End, Danny Demelfi, Matt Homiak, Jim Nowak, Joe Schrum, Ed Debes, George Graham & WVIA, Nancy Coughlin, Prabesh Poudyal, Dr. Kalyan Krishnan, Marlin Wagner, Jason Perez, Deborah Miller, Mike Naydock and Cellar Full of Noize, Ian Anderson & Jethro Tull, Joseph Campbell, Rumi, Hafez, Tom Waits, Jai Uttal, Zakir Hussain and Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens). Jeremy would also like to recognize his teachers: Rev. Patricia Dai-En Bennage, Gen Kelsang Norden, Anthony Stultz, Rev. Eko Little, and Buddha.

Bloomsburg University faculty: Prof. Jerry Wemple, and Drs. Mary Badami, Sandra Kehoe-Forutan, Madhav P. Sharma, Thomas Aleto, Oliver Larmi, Anne Wilson.

Companies & Organizations: Bengali Association of Bloomsburg, Susquehanna International Folk Dancers, Roland, Taylor, Fender, HG Thor Guitar Lab, Alesis, Microsoft, Avery, Cakewalk/Sonar, Folk Alliance, CAD, ART, Shure, Behringer, Wray’s, C&C Music, School House Music, K&S Music, Journal Newspapers Inc., Brews N Bytes, Sakuntala, Greenwood Friends School, and Sage Coffeehouse. Thanks to all the teachers, musical and otherwise, co-workers past and present, and everyone who has encouraged us over the years.

All tracks engineered and produced by Jeremy J. dePrisco

Recorded/mixed in Bloomsburg, PA at Mothership Studios

© and (p) 2006 Jeremy J. dePrisco

Blue Buddha Records

All Rights Reserved


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.