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Inquiring minds… maybe

Below is text from an actual inquiry about the play before our October 5th encore performance:

“Dear Mr. Schrum, After reading the flyer for the production of your monologue, I pray that it does not profane the Virgin Mary. Yes, there are many funny incidences from yesteryear about which we can laugh, but the sisters who taught us were, for the most part, truly good, dedicated women, faithful to the teachings of the church. How I pray that this is all in fun and not meant to belittle these good people for your personal gain.

The Baltimore Catechism was a marvelous book. I still remember “why did God make me?” “to know Him, to love Him, and to serve him in this world and be happy with Him in the next”. I hope that you took this to heart. God be with you. –Bob {last name not supplied}”

To this, Steve kindly replied and said:

“…my final words in the performance explain why I think my Catholic School experiences were positive ones.”

And the response was…

“Dear Mr. Schrum, I am so grateful. I do pray for you that, if you are not part of the Church community, that you reconsider. The Church is truly the bride of Christ and I rejoice that I am privileged to be a part of it. And the more that I learn of Her riches, the more I rejoice. God be with you.”


By jjdeprisco

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