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iPad App – Bloom

Living in Bloomsburg, I am used to seeing things with “Bloom” in the title, so why should software be any different?

On his web site, Brian Eno describes Bloom as “a music box for the 21st Century”, which is just as apt a description as any. Eno is a proponent of Generative Music, which- very often – uses predetermined parameters, algorithms and probability in combination with user input to create a system in which music can be generated. So in this regard Bloom is not really an instrument like many of the iPad apps out there, but rather a whole universe to explore.

Headphones offer a real treat when playing this app because there are subtle panning elements and aural goodies throughout the various modes. The sounds are very evocative, and relaxing, which is why a sleep timer has been included for those who wish to use Bloom as a soundtrack for bedtime. But that isn’t to say that this app is boring… far from it.

Below are three different pieces – one for each mode. The first one, in Infinite mode, runs through all of the different “moods” or scale options. The other two mode demonstrations stay primarily in the mood “Ylang” (though you can allow the piece to randomly evolve). Due to the nature of the pieces, they can never be created the same exact way again, which is part of the charm of apps like these. There are several other apps in this series, and I am looking forward to exploring those as well.




By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.