January 2022 Newsletter

A new year is as good a time as any to kick off a newsletter, so here it goes…

As I write this, Omicron continues to create problems for us in the Philly area. There’s been a steady rise in cases over the past few weeks. So we haven’t gone out much since returning from a family visit in NEPA over the holidays. Thankfully we’re vaccinated and boosted, and have had no real health issues.

Several friends across the country have reported that they, or a family member, contracted some form of COVID. Some were even asymptomatic. We didn’t have direct contact with any of those folks, but that lack of contact and the isolation itself remain very frustrating. I’m sure everyone can relate.

It’s hard to tell what 2022 will hold. Someone asked if I was planning to perform live any time soon. In some parts of the country, live shows have started back up for some acts. For a time it looked like that might happen more here. But as it stands right now, I am not booking any live, in person, shows. It’s just not worth the hassle for everyone, including the audience.

I’ve turned my attention to remote work (mixing, editing, workshops, writing). In the Spring, I will offer some STEAM workshops to area organizations, but the first one of those isn’t scheduled until May. Hopefully things will be a bit better by then.

Touchdesigner Classes Announced

I’m offering two virtual Touchdesigner workshops for The Fuse Factory – an art and technology initiative focused on cultivating artistic production, research, and experimentation with digital media and electronic tools.

The first workshop is for students who are completely new to Touchdesigner or are curious about what it does. The second session will build on the first. Visual artists as well as musicians and writers can all create compelling things with Touchdesigner, so creatives of all types are welcome. View full details below about both workshops.

Multicolored vortex
Fractal image made with Touchdesigner

New Recording by Paul Loomis

Central PA songsmith Paul Loomis, known for award winning “Susquehanna (Here It Comes Again)” has asked me to work on his next project, More Songs. Paul is known for his humorous, down to earth songwriting. It’s a pleasure to work with him again.

Basic tracks are being recorded at Green Valley Recording in North Central PA. I am adding bass parts remotely.

Philly Maker Faire Podcast

The Philly Maker Faire Podcast recently reached 28 episodes. A “best of” episode is on the way soon. During that time, we’ve covered everything from 3D printed chocolate to alternate states of matter (plasma) and Christmas ornaments, and much in between.

As we enter 2022, a Kickstarter campaign is planned to help us expand the program. We’re also considering a live event that may feature many of our musical guests.

Podcast hosts Laura (Top Left), Valerie ( Bottom) and Jeremy (Top Right) showing off their kalimbas!

Amberlee Venti of Pippy Sips: Making breastmilk even cooler Philly Maker Faire Podcast

Pippy Sips is on a mission to create products that make pumping easier and more accessible to ALL breastfeeders. Name Amberlee Venti, founderCompany Pippy Sips Pippy Sips Online Website Pragmatic Innovation Twitter/X ⁠Facebook Instagram YouTube Your hosts Chiamaka Valerie Chikwendu ⁠LinkedIn⁠ Jeremy dePrisco ⁠⁠ Laura Chenault ⁠⁠ Laura owns Laurel Tree Bindery ⁠
  1. Amberlee Venti of Pippy Sips: Making breastmilk even cooler
  2. Smooth Sailing with Mike Flynn from the Independence Seaport Museum
  3. Growing Mushrooms with Cart Reed from ei2o
  4. Michele Archer from The Dragonfly Makerspace – Plymouth Meeting PA
  5. Chau Nguyen: A Vietnamese Artist Working in Multiple Worlds


After resisting the platform for some time, I finally decided to use Instagram to showcase some of my visual work.

Web Site Redesign

I recently decided to give my web site a much needed revamp with the help of Laura and Dave at Monkeys At Keyboards. It’s been a few months in the making, but I am very pleased with the much more graphical approach. It should now be much easier to find details about my services and projects.

That’s all for this newsletter. Short and sweet. Take care and stay safe!


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.